Clock POS update (21 Aug 2014)

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Service (surcharge)

  • Service (surcharge)

    This new function has been designed for establishments that have an obligatory service surcharge. While the service percentage is charged automatically on each bill, it can be removed or modified. This is especially useful for events, where the surcharge may be different from that charged on individual customers.

    To set the service surcharge:

    • go to Management – Tax settings;
    • In field 'Surcharge text' enter the name of the surcharge as you want it to be shown to your clients;
    • In 'Surcharge percent' enter the percentage value of the surcharge;
    • if the service is taxable (VAT, GST, etc.), enter the tax value in field 'Surcharge tax percent';
    • Save
  • To modify the surcharge for a bill:
    • Open the bill and go to the Settle screen.
    • Click '%surcharge' and change or remove the service altogether.
  • Corporate bills

    Clock POS now caters specially for the organization of bills of companies and events, which are usually paid later.

    The new function gives:

    • Clear information about the actual payer of a credit bill
    • Quick access to all bills of a given company
    • Easy control over corporate credit
    • Clear Accounts receivable report
  • Options for transfer and merging all bills into a single monthly (or other) bill are coming soon.

    Clock POS uses the same company database as Clock PMS. This allows the drawing of unified reports and joint credit monitoring across all accounts in a subscription.

    To create a corporate bill:

    • Go to 'Management' – 'Companies'
    • Create a new company or use the search options to find an existing one
    • Create a new folio with 'Add Folio'
    • The folio can be opened immediately (button Open) and charges can be posted. The open bill will appear in a new section ('Company Bills') in the lower part of the tables screen.
  • Menu group colours

    For faster identification of menu groups, each of them can now be set to show in a different colour. This, together with the existing options for assigning icons and various button size, will make the screen even more user friendly.

  • Auto logout

    For devices shared between users, the system can now be set to log out automatically after each order or closing of a bill. The setting only applies to the device where it has been enabled.

    To set auto logout:

    • Go to 'Management' - 'Users'
    • Find the setting in the lower part of the screen and enable or disable it.
  • Restricted transfer to selected bookings

    If the transfer to a certain booking in Clock PMS has been restricted, no restaurant bills would be accepted into its folios. When the room is selected in Clock POS, the booking will be shown together with a message informing of the restriction.

  • New report: 'Inventory Items' for period and export

    The new report shows the items sold in a specified period. It has been designed for the purposes of the back office and the information in it is arranged accordingly. Additionally, it can be exported in a .csv file and imported and used in MS Excel.

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