• Splitting orders into starters, main dishes, etc.
    The new function allows sorting dishes in an order so that in the kitchen they are printed in the order they must be prepared. The group a dish goes to is indicated as it is ordered, depending on the preferences of the client.
    To set the groups for orders:
    • Go to Management – Order Groups
    • In the field specify the groups separating them with the 'Enter' key
    • Since groups are sorted alphabetically, number them in the order you want them to be printed on kitchen printers, e.g. '1.Starters', '2.Main course', '3.Dessert'
  • To use the groups:
    • Open a new bill
    • Order the items to go into it.
    • You can select different groups, as the need may be. You can add a starter after the main courses have been posted.
    • If necessary, use the hash (#) button to change the group of an item. This can only be done before the order has been sent to the kitchen.
  • New user right for posting custom item/modifier
    Posting custom items and custom modifiers is now only allowed to users who have right - Custom charge or modifier posting' granted. By default the right is granted to all users.