Clock POS Update (27 Oct 2014)

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Kitchen monitor

The kitchen monitor can replace the kitchen printer at order-completion sites. It is a screen in POS and can be opened on any device, a tablet or a designated PC, and has been optimized for portrait view on tablets.

The kitchen monitor comes free with POS and can be used parallel to, or without, kitchen printers. It is started from the main POS screen, from the monitor-icon button.

  • Functions:
    • No installations needed.
    • Requires internet connection, but not static IP or any other network settings.
    • Unlike printers, it does not need to be in the same network as POS. This allows its use together with the Self Room Service module (under development), where clients will be able to order from their own devices and even without being connected to the hotel local network.
    • Shows one or more kitchens simultaneously.
    • Works in real time. Orders sent from POS are seen on the monitor in real time, without any delay whatsoever.
    • Sound notification for new orders.
    • New orders are shown in different colour, so they are easily identifiable.
    • Order timers show the time elapsed from the taking of each order.
    • Shows all: items and modifiers in order groups, as well as instructions to the order.
    • Receipts can be marked as completed, so it is clear what is left to be done in the kitchen or at the bar.
  • Other:
    • Notification in the upper part of the screen for adding or deleting menu items. Up to now it was not clear whether the operation has been performed or not.

Central management and reporting

  • Common (centralized) settings of: Revenue categories and Payment Sub-types. These settings can now be shared between account of the same type (PMS, POS, Golf) and can be defined from a single account per type (once for PMS, once for POS, once Golf). This change will help the unified reporting in chains and groups.
  • The Payment report can now be run for more than one account at a time and summarize the information using the accounts filter.


  • New report, Open Folios, showing all open bills. The bills are grouped topically and each group can be drilled down.

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