Clock POS Update (25 Nov 2014)

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Promotions / Happy hour

The new feature of Clock POS makes it possible for promotional prices of selected menu items to be activated. Prices can be automatically changed, not requiring an operator's intervention.

In order to create a new promotion / happy hour:

  • Select 'Management' - 'Promotions' - 'New'
  • Type in the name of the promotion – e.g. 'Happy hour'
  • Set when this promotion/happy hour to be activated through the fields of: From date, To date, Start time, End time, Weekdays. The filters defined work together (the operator among them is 'AND'), as you can use a custom combination of parameters – i.e. :
    • If you fill in only 'Start time', 'End time“ - this will activate the promotion for any day within the time range set
    • If you add Monday too – this will activate the promotion only on Mondays within the time range set.
    • If you also add 'From date', 'To date' – this will activate the promotion for the time range selected on the Mondays within the period selected .
    • Note: If you don't fill in any of these fields, the promotion will be active all the time.
  • Create
  • In order to add menu items to the promotion – use the 'Add' button. Choose an item (search for it by name) and set its promotional price.

You can create multiple promotions to be active in different time ranges or, if you wish, they can overlap (be simultaneously active).

In the event of overlapping promotions and if they have common menu items (the menu items are part of both promotions) – the lower price for them will be used.

Apart from promotions (price reductions), you can also use this functionality for increasing prices or for seasonal prices. Similarly, set prices for a certain time period.


  • Charge templates and modifiers have been sorted out in alphabetical order.
  • Start-up help tips added.
  • The free quantity field ( "#" button on the posting screen ) now appears empty, so that it is not necessary to delete the old value first before entering the new one.
  • The reports now have a 'Copy' button for export to Excel, OpenOffice, etc.

Fixed problems

  • Payment sub-types were not related to their payment types and appeared in a disorderly manner.

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