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Package elements

The new functionality in rates (requires Advanced Rates add-on) enables you to define package elements to each rate to be automatically charged and deducted from the package price.

Each package element has the usual charge attributes: text, revenue group, revenue category, tax %, tax code (a new field – see below) and value.

The new elements help solve cases such as a different tax for the food included (France) or presentation of a breakdown of package element values for accounting or management purposes.

How does it work: Upon choosing a rate with defined package elements, these elements are posted as normal charges, and the room charge is the remaining amount of the defined rate after the deduction of the values of the package elements.


  • It is possible for a room charge to be posted with a negative value, if the sum of the package elements is higher than the rate itself.
  • The package elements can be in a currency different from the one of the rate. In this case, they are posted in the currency chosen for them and their rate currency converted values are deducted from the rate amount.
  • The package elements can be used even with manual prices – see below.
  • The package elements are charged/voided automatically with the change to the booking period.
  • The 'Re-Post' functionality also charges/voids the package elements in accordance with the current contents of the rate.
  • Derived rates – the package elements defined in the derived rate itself are taken into consideration.

Manual Price

The feature for setting a manual price in a booking has been improved in terms of the following aspects:

  • The entered manual price is recorded in the booking. So for the purposes of control, it is clear that the booking has such a price set.
  • With the change to the stay, the manual price is now automatically maintained: it is voided or the necessary charges are added.
  • It may be broken down to package elements, if the booking has a rate selected.
  • City tax is more flexibly defined: A city tax mode can be expressly set. If no mode is chosen, the mode of the rate itself, if any, is used.
  • The 'Re-Post' functionality works for bookings with a manual price, as it complies with the manual price.


  • A new report - 'Arrivals/Departures Summary'. The new report provides information by days, weeks or months on the flow of tourists: Arrivals, Departures, Stayover – Rooms and Guests (Adults and Children). The report is in the housekeeping section.
  • The printing layout of the Housekeeping Report has been improved.
  • The Charge Summary Report has been improved. Now there is a greater choice of grouping: There are maximum three levels of grouping, as you can choose a parameter for each level. A new grouping parameter is also added: Company. This makes it possible for charges to be grouped, for example, only by Revenue category or by Company and Revenue Category, etc.
  • In the Meal Report, a new special note for each room has been added, containing meal requirements or guest allergies. The new note is filled in on the booking edit screen - 'Meal notes'.

Taxes - 'Tax Code'

Case: In Belgium, the reduced VAT rate is 6%, however, it is required that the invoice reflects the various articles of the law on the basis of which the reduced rate is applied. Due to this requirement, there may be two or more 6% tax groups, as for each of them there is an additional tax code, denoting this tax group.

Solution: A new optional Tax Code field has been added, which is filled in every time tax percent is required: charge, charge template, rate, package elements, city tax. Taxes in folios and reports are grouped by '%' and 'code', instead of only by '%', as it has been so far.

! Rounding – in the mode of calculating the tax on the total amount, the tax is calculated (and rounded) for the basis of each group - i.e. the bases are now grouped by '%' and 'code', instead of only by '%'.


  • In the rates, a new room charge text field has been added. So, if a hotel does not want the rate name to be seen in the room charge text line, it can enter a special text for this purpose.
  • Rates - 'Set Multiple' functionality, used for updating prices and restrictions on many rates simultaneously, now can be applied to any part of all rates. So far you could have used this feature for the rates within a single rate plan. The button is located on the rate plan list. Upon clicking it, you can choose the rates to be updated.
  • Rates – when filling in amounts for seasons or individual days, now, there is a clearer error message, if the amount format is incorrect.
  • WBE – more 'Advanced translations' options have been added, so that it is possible for almost all text resources in the WBE, booking confirmations and folios to be translated or customised.
  • The folio charge screen has been improved, so that it is clearer what has been charged.
  • The account selection screen has been improved – accounts are grouped by types and are in alphabetical order. There is a dropdown menu for the quick features created, as the room plan is also added to this menu.
  • The account organization has been made easier for those preferring the use of multiple subscribers (there is an absolute division among the accounts of the client), instead of many Accounts into one Subscriber (there is a financial division among the accounts, however, it suggests data consolidation, as well as sharing of companies, profiles, settings). In order to share multiple subscriptions: now, the serial numbers of the different subscriptions can be stored and selected from a list. The users, having logged in each individual subscription, are also stored.
  • New setting: "Require Revenue Category", for clients preferring to use the revenue category in relation to their accounting system. The new setting reduces users' errors, requiring its mandatory filling in when posting manual charges. The setting is located in 'Settings' - 'Revenue Category' – in the lower part of the screen.


  • 'Charges Segmentation Report' – the error, occurring in the data grouping, when the period includes the previous or next year, has been fixed
  • The restriction, referring to the number of rates, calculated on the Rate and Availability screen, has been removed
  • Room Monitor – now it does not require Settings Update right
  • Meal Report – meals could not have been rearranged, if no first meal had been selected

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