Clock POS update (26 Jan 2015)

Modified on: Mon, 26 Sep, 2022 at 2:53 PM


Bill Transfer to Booking

  • Bill Transfer to Booking - now Clock POS asks you to which folio to make the transfer, if the folios are multiple.
  • eMenu – a new setting has been added in relation to determining which menu groups to be shown in the eMenu (a check box in the group settings)
  • Buzzer – if there is a buzzer enabled to a printer, its sound signal can be set. The setting is for each printer – in the settings of printers.
  • To the bills you can add client information which to be printed out on the bill. The button is on the Settle screen.
  • To the main screen of the POS, a new '?' menu has been added. You can use it to send questions and assistance requests.
  • The voided open bills no longer appear on the map of tables.

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