Clock POS update (12 Mar 2015)

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  • Invoices.Now it is possible to issue invoices (or other document types) from the POS. In order to issue an invoice:
    • On the Settle screen, select 'Billing to / Invoice to" button
    • Enter client's details
    • Select the radio button next to the desired document type
    • Select the 'Invoice' button
    • Specify the payment type
    • The document can be printed out on the thermal printer or in a A4 format through the print buttons.
  • Tip.We have added a feature for the tips received
    • You can print out bills leaving the tip fields empty, which then clients themselves can fill in (for print settings, see below)
    • From the Settle screen, however before settling the bill, select the Tip button
    • Enter either the tip amount, or the total including the tip in the respective fields.
    • When adding a payment (Cash, Card, etc.), the tip amount will be added to the amount due.
    • Specifics: Tips are processed by the system as a negative payment. This way the bill balance is increased as is the amount to be paid. On the printouts for clients, this payment is a positive one, so that it is clearer to restaurant clients; however everywhere else in the system and in the reports, tips have a negative value. Thus payments reports remain the same and show the net amount of payments, which also corresponds to the sum of bill amounts (the cash is increased, and tips are negative).

Additional Print Settings for Bill Footers

  • Now there are two settings for bill footers – one field for open bills and another for closed bills. Through the field for open bills you can set a footer, in which clients can fill in the tip amount and eventually sign it. The field for closed bills can contain a greeting or another marketing text.
  • Cash Payments: Change. When paying cash, the whole amount tendered by a client can be filled in. For user's convenience, the system will calculate the change and show it on the screen. The change is not present on printouts and the bill does not contain any information of it.
  • The use of Order Groups has been facilitated. Up to now, an order group had to be chosen when selecting items. This option has been preserved, however, now a default order group can be set for each menu item. This way when a menu item is selected, the change of an order group will be necessary only in the cases when it is different from the default one. For example, when selecting entrée, you will not need to select an order group, unless these entrées are served as main courses.
  • new right pertaining to drawer opening has been added. The right is granted to all existing users having access to the POS. Revoke the right of users who should not have this access right.
  • On the printout of the closure report in the format for printing on the thermal printer, the payments total has been added
  • The price policy of the POS has been changed. In case of a new POS account, you are prompted to select a price plan.
  • A new Hotel Room Transfer add-on has been added. It is activated by Clock Software specialists at the client's request. On the Settle screen, there is a banner advertising the add-on, which can be closed, so that it does not interfere with your work.

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