Clock PMS Update (12 Mar 2015)

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  • A new feature for automatic update of the bookings already imported has been added. A To-Do is created to notify the user of the change occurred. The change can be seen in the booking change log.
  • Now you can exclude tax percentage included in the room rates (final prices) of the received bookings. Thus clients using the 'Tax not included in prices' mode, can have the net room rates.


  • The 'Room Calendar'screen has been improved.
    • The colours are changed and used in gradation to help you easily identity the booking guarantee level:
      • Red – bookings awaiting guarantee, whose period to be guaranteed has expired
      • Orange – bookings awaiting guarantee, whose period to be guaranteed has not expired yet
      • Yellow – non-guaranteed bookings
      • Green – guaranteed bookings
      • Black – checked in
      • Grey – checked out
    • Two icons have been added: in case of unbalanced bookings and for bookings locked not to be moved (a new feature, see below)
    • A pop-up has been added, which provides basic information about a booking, without being necessary for this booking to be opened. The pop-up appears when holding the mouse cursor over a booking (PC), with the first touch (iOS, as the second one opens the booking), or pressing and holding (Android)
  • Blocks – new options for automatic expiration of blocks : Cut-off days and Expiry date
    • Cut-off days. Through this option you can set how many days earlier blocked rooms to be automatically released. For example, if this period for a certain block is set to be 7 days, the blocked rooms will be released for sale for a period of 7 days as of today.
    • Expiry date. Through this option you can set the date on which blocked rooms to be released for sale. In contrast to Cut-off days, where only a part of the block is released, through Expiry date the whole block (the whole block period) is released.
    • The Block Pickup Report has a new parameter through which you can explore availability (the above parameters are not taken into account ) or pickup % (the above parameters are not taken into account).
  • Room Number Rates.Now it is possible to set a rate for a specific room number. This organisation of rates is convenient for smaller properties having fewer rooms.
    • Through the room number rates, it is possible to use rates and rate restrictions at a room level. For example, you can create an individual rate for apartment #6 in order to stop its sale for certain dates or to change the minimum stay restrictions only for this apartment.
    • If the WRS works in the Rooms mode, room rates will be visible for all all rooms. The rates for room types will continue to appear and be visible. Thus you can combine room type rates with room number rates, allowing you to have promotions for certain room numbers only .
    • Room number rates can be derived from a room type rate. This way rate management is facilitated, for example, you can have one rate for a room type, and use the derived rates only for restriction purposes.
    • Room number rates can be used in channel managers too.
    • In order to create a room number rate: Click the Add Rate button for the respective room type. In the dialogue window, select the respective room number instead of a room type.
  • Document Types and Number Generators.A new option has been added enabling you to define additional document types apart from the Folio and Invoice types of documents, currently existing. Number generators are individually defined and can be connected to one or several document types, depending on property's needs.
    • There is no difference for new accounts – they support the same document types as before – Folio and Invoice. Afterwards you can edit them or add new document types.
    • Number generators have the same functionality as before – number length, prefix and suffix.
    • For each document type, you can set four names as you would like them to appear on printouts: Positive Document, Negative Document, Positive Correction Document and Negative Correction Document. The names can be the same.
    • For each document type, you can specify two number generators: one for positive documents and one for negative documents. You can use the same number generator for both types of documents or different ones. No number generator can also be used – this way documents will keep their original folio number.
    • The new settings can be found in the Advanced section on the Settings screen in its lower right part.
  • New Report - Occupancy and Charges DMY Report. The new managerial report provides summarised information listed on one sheet of paper only and shows hotel performance for a date, the current month and year, as well as in comparison to the previous year.
  • Booking – 'Disable Room Change'. A new check box has been added to bookings, through which you can prohibit the moving of a guest from the initially allocated room. A new icon has been added to the Room Calendar for such bookings.
  • BCC (blind carbon copy) e-mail address for all e-mails sent to guests. Through it, a hotel can create an archive of all e-mails sent to guests, as these e-mails can also be received at an e-mail address specified by the hotel.
  • Sales Analysis by Users.For clients analysing their sales by users:
    • In the Bednights Report, a new feature has been added enabling the participation of the user having created a booking in the information segmentation. This way information can be retrieved regarding the nights sold by users or as a combination of a user and another segment such as a marketing channel, company, nationality, etc..
    • In the Charge Segmentation Report, the user having created a booking has been added. The report provides a flexible breakdown of revenues by weeks, months and in total for a selected combination of segments.
    • We have added a column 'User created' to the Advanced Search for bookings. The data can be exported in Excel and processed depending on the needs.
  • Rate Availability Monitor – when creating a new booking from the monitor, now the Guarantee Policy, set in the rate, is also to be filled in.
  • Guarantee Policy - Deposit. If a hotel uses the Tax not included in prices mode, now the tax will be included in the deposit.
  • Link Generator - now a link to multiple room types can be generated.
  • The State field has been added to the contact info (Booking, Registration Card, Company)
  • Payments Report – now on-line payments contain a transaction reference, so that transactions can easily be tracked in the system of the payment gateway.
  • Folio Edit - there are new buttons for selecting all or none of the charges. The 'View' button menu contains more positions for the easier filtering of charges. Through these functions, it is easier to edit, transfer or void certain groups of charges.
  • WRS – Tracking Code. Now it is easier to set a static tracking code for Google Analytics or another web tracking system. The setting can be found in lower part of the WRS settings screen.


  • Confirmation - save as pdf – the file had no '.pdf' extension
  • Blocks – cancelled bookings were deducted from the blocked rooms
  • ParityRate – the bug with the export of availability and prices, when a mapped rate is deleted, has been fixed
  • WBE – the confirmation did not always appear in the selected language
  • Folio Preview – the selected level of detail did not always remain
  • Confirmation/Registration Card – the text of the guarantee policy did not comply with the paragraphs set
  • WBE – the credit card data screens were not responsive

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