Clock POS update (28 Sep 2015)

Modified on: Thu, 15 Sep, 2022 at 12:44 PM


Source Filter

The 'Closed Folios Report', 'Closed Folios Summary Report' and 'Tax Report (VAT)' contain a new filter - 'Source'. This filter has three possible options: 'All', 'Transferred' 'Not transferred'. Select 'Transferred' or 'Not transferred' to see the folios that have been transferred or not from the POS to the PMS only. The default filter option for the 'Closed Folios Report' and 'Closed Folios Summary Report' is 'All', and for the 'Tax Report (VAT)' - 'Not transferred'. When using the reports for tax purposes, you should choose the 'Not transferred' filter position, so that these reports don't show the folios transferred from the POS to the PMS. The transferred folios will appear in the PMS reports anyway.

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