Clock POS update (8 Dec 2015)

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Table Blocks.

To the Table Booking Module, we have added a feature for quick table blocking for a certain period. In just a few clicks, the new feature enables you to stop table bookings for a certain date or period.

To block tables for a certain period:

  • Select Blocks from the booking icon on the main screen.
  • Click 'New'.
  • Fill in some text for a name of the block and period.
  • Choose the tables to be blocked or click on the 'Select all' button.
  • Save.

The blocked tables are grey-coloured in the calendar of available tables. Also these tables are stopped for sale in the Web Reservation System.

Table Deletion

Now you can delete a table, even if it is used in given bookings. The bookings are kept, showing that they refer to a deleted table.


  • Print of a three-letter ISO currency code instead of a currency symbol. For the countries whose currency symbols are not supported by the code tables of printers, there is a new setting enabling the print of the full three-letter currency codes (e.g. EUR) instead of its symbol (e.g. €). To enable the new setting:
    • Open each of the printers not supporting the symbol (Management - Printers - Open)
    • In the 'Money Value Format', select 'Currency as text'.
  • When printing Store Requests, the '>' symbol is placed before the modifier. It is clearer, as the old one, '+', sometimes confused users when referring to modifiers, e.g. 'Without cheese'.
  • Changes to User rights:
    • The editing of the Info Account now depends on the 'Settings: Account Info' user right
    • Changes to the 'Auto logout on order/bill close' setting now depend on the 'Settings' user right
    • Changes to the Web Reservation System settings now depend on the 'Settings' user right
    • A new user right has been added - 'Settings: Folios'. It is used for restricting the access to the Document Type and the Document Sequence Generator.

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