Clock PMS Update (8 Dec 2015)

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Capacity Adjustment

We have added a new feature - 'Capacity Adjustment'. It enables you to add or subtract rooms from the respective availability of rooms for any date or room type.

Use the new feature to effectively perform some specific operations like:

  • Controlled Overbooking. Increase the number of the available rooms for sale for certain dates. This way you can create and use controlled overbooking. The controlled overbooking can help you compensate for the normal amount of no-shows and cancellations. As a result, you can reach maximum hotel occupancy and even sell your last rooms.
  • Fast Block. You can easily stop the sale of a certain amount of rooms for a given period of time, and there is no need to create an event or bookings. After creating an event (or booking), it is just as easy to remove this adjustment.
  • External Availability. Using the API, you can manage hotel availability through an external system (like Revenue Management), increasing or decreasing the number of rooms for sale.

Availability Adjustoments

How Does It Work?

The Capacity Adjustment participates in the calculation of the available rooms for sale. It adds or subtracts amounts from the number of rooms entered by you (or set through the AP)I.

The positive values add available rooms for sale, and the negative ones decrease the number of available rooms for sale.

The resulting value of available rooms becomes the current availability for the whole system:

  • Occupancy Forecast, Rate and Availability, Rate edit screen, etc.
  • WRS. Your WRS will sell (or stop the sale of) rooms depending on the resulting value of available rooms.
  • Channel Manager. The Channel Manager will receive the new values of available rooms. 

To set the Capacity Adjustment

  • Choose 'Availability' - 'Occupancy Forecast' from the navigation bar
  • In the 'Adjustment' row of a room type, select one or more days: Select a date (clicking), consecutive dates (dragging) or random dates (holding the Ctrl key or the Cmd key and clicking/dragging).
  • Click on the 'Adjustment' button
  • Enter a positive value to add rooms or a negative one to subtract rooms from the value of available rooms. Example: If you have 5 available DBL rooms for Jan  1: entering 2 will result in 7 available rooms, and entering -2 will result in 3 available rooms.
  • Save.

Change Log

If you want to see when and by whom the Capacity Adjustment data was changed, select a room type from the small eye icon to the right of the Adjustment button.


Use the API to retrieve information on the currently set adjustments or change the information for certain dates and room types. For more information, see the Clock Base / PMS API


We have added new features to improve the season management:

New Season View

We have added a new 'Season' View to the 'Flat' and 'Calendar' ones. Use it to have a compact view of all seasons for the rates on the list (regardless of the period entered on the screen). The Season View also enables you to quickly edit or define new seasons. It is particularly suitable for those intensively using seasons in the rate management.

Season button

Season View

Flat View – Current Season

Active season

In the 'Flat' View, the first columns show the season(s) referring to the period selected. Example: if you are looking at the daily prices for December, however, these prices are defined through a season starting in May, the first columns will show the season prices for May.

Automatic Purge of Old Data

We have removed the feature requiring manual deletion of the data for previous periods and changed it to an automatic one. The automatic features keep the old data of seasons and special days for a period of one year back, and then the information is automatically deleted.


New templates have been added to help you have easier customisation of of letters and screens. You can use these templates to build your own templates.

To use the template, open the respective rich text editor and find the 'Templates' button - 


Select a template and edit it to meet your needs.

  • Confirmation. We have added a Confirmation Template that you can easily use to build your own confirmation letter. To preview it – open the Guest Mailer's templates and click the Templates button of the rich text editor.
  • Booking Email. Now the Guest Mailer also has a Booking Email Template containing integers for guest names and links to the Self Service Portal.
  • Registration Card. A new template on the 'Registration Card Custom Template' screen
  • Folio/Invoice. The rich text editor is now also available on the custom folio/invoice templates screen. There you can find the standard folio template too. You can access it by clicking the 'Templates' button.


  • Room Keys. The new API is specially designed to meet the needs of the room key system. The new user screens ensure the full integration with the PMS. Use these screens to initiate the issue of room keys. In other words, now you can use Clock PMS even for the issue of room keys. The new API methods enables the external system to track user's requests (push notifications) for room key issue and implement the physical interface with the respective devices (readers or encoders).
  • New notifications of Confirmation Letters. A new push notification has been added. It appears when the system has to send a confirmation letter. The notification is sent with: booking completion in the WRS; the sending of a confirmation letter from the booking screen; booking confirmation from the Self Service Portal. Through the new notification, it is possible to create your own confirmation letter and set when this confirmation letter to be sent. For that matter, you can disable the confirmation letters sent by the system. To do so, contact our Support Centre.
  • Improved Sending of Event Notifications. This is done after the objects are committed in the database.
  • If an object is not found as a result of a request to the API, now the system returns code 404 instead of 500 for easier error processing.
  • New fields have been added to the bookings endpoint: self_service_key, self_service_pin. They are used for sending a Self Service Portal link to a guest.
  • New rate restrictions have been added to the rates endpoint.
  • Two new endpoints have been added to the Base API: Charge templates and Revenue categories.


  • ParityRate - Deduct Tax % by Channel. The feature that used to enable you to deduct tax from the prices received via the Channel Manager, is now more flexible – now this feature can be set individually for each channel.
  • Self Service Portal – the use of the cancellation feature has been disabled for bookings imported from the Channel Manager. Guests are redirected to cancel their bookings on the Self Service Portal, where these bookings were created.
  • Occupancy and Charges Report now shows the analysis of the occupancy and the rest of the KPIs by day of the week in addition to the existing filters: Date, Week and Month.
  • The Create Payment button for new payments is now disabled after the first clicking, so that duplicated entries can be avoided.
  • Open Folios Report now contains the open correction folios too.
  • The empty intervals in the text and revenue group of a charge are automatically deleted. This way the separation of amounts in different groups due to empty intervals is avoided.
  • The User Disable feature has been changed. It stops user's access, keeping the final user's current status for auditing purposes.


  • Payments Report – the summary is also grouped by payment subtype in addition to the payment type.
  • ParityRate – when wrong data was received (a booking without booking data), the user was not notified there was a problem.
  • Voided Folios – the print format couldn't be changed.
  • On the set multiple days screen for rate updating, the currency amount has been removed.
  • In the FIREFOX, the click-and-edit feature didn't work for daily rate prices.
  • Now the compatible products appear in the WRS.
  • The Search field on the navigation bar no longer shows a randomly cashed text.
  • The confirmation letter of multiple bookings now shows the remaining amount due instead of the deposit made
  • Meal Report – the report no longer shows wrongly entered non-standard meals (being outside a booking period) .
  • The In-Hotel screen shows the current room of a guest instead of the arrival room.
  • When bookings are copied, the booking notes are also copied.
  • Rate Editing – the revenue category list didn't get updated with the selection of a group.
  • The graphics of room types in the Occupancy Forecast didn't show all occupied rooms
  • When using an Authorize.Net payment with pre-collected credit card data – the state field data didn't transfer to Authorize.Net, resulting in a payment error.

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