Clock POS update (9 Mar 2016)

Modified on: Thu, 15 Sep, 2022 at 10:19 AM

  • Bill ownership. We have added features for the restaurants of the bill-owner organization type. In this bill organisation, a bill belongs to the user having created it. No one else can post charges or close it. The following features are available for this type of organization:
    • New 'Work with Other Users' Bills' right. The new right lets the managers having it to work with the bills of other users, as well as to change a bill owner. The users not having this right granted cannot post charges, pay, close or transfer a bill of another user.
    • New 'Change Owner' feature. It can be used by pressing the Change Owner button on the bill edit/split screen. Select a user to transfer a bill to. A new bill will be created in the name of the user selected and all the bill charges will be transferred to it. To use the feature you need to have the following right granted: 'Work with Other Users' Bills.
    • A new 'Create New Bill' feature. It can be found on the same (bill edit/split) screen. Use it to create a new empty bill in your name.
  • Local printer for receipt copies. The new feature enables you to specify a printer for printing receipt copies for the kitchen, bar, etc. What's important is that a device can be set to have a separate printer for receipt copies.
    • Set a receipt printer for each of the devices: On the main table screen, click "There is no local printer for kitchen receipts selected. Click here if you want to select one." in the lower part of the screen and select a printer.
  • In order to use the Web Table Booking System you need to contact Clock PMS support team to activate it.
  • Transfer to hotel – the room list is now sorted.
  • The user filter in the Closed Folios Report has been fixed.
  • The table booking calendar is now sorted out by table names.
  • Now the drawer opens even if the bill print is disabled.
  • Archive of users' cashier closures. Now the archive can be accessed by:
    • Selecting 'Management' - 'Closures - History'.
    • Clicking 'Related User Closures' next to 'Day Closure'
    • Clicking 'Show report' for the respective user's closure.

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