Clock PMS+ Update (4 Aug 2017)

Modified on: Mon, 26 Sep, 2022 at 11:27 AM



  • Channel Manager - automatic deposit charging for imported bookings. When a booking is imported, this feature allows the system to automatically charge the deposit,if any, to the related credit card.
    • The deposit amount is determined by the guarantee policy related to the booking rate. If no deposit is set in the guarantee policy or the rate cannot be determined, the system won't charge the deposit.
    • If the deposit charging fails (insufficient funds on the credit card or for other reasons)), a To-Do is created to inform you of the failed transaction. In this case the booking status remains Not guaranteed. The booking also remains 'Not guaranteed', if the credit card data is not received.
    • This feature is available for the payment processors Authorize.Net (immediately) and Adyen (after 30 August).
    • Please contact a Clock representative to activate your service.
  • Favourite Countries. Now you can set the codes of the countries you most frequently use. This way they will appear first on the list of countries to quickly choose them. To set these codes, go to 'Settings' - 'Booking fields'. Enter the two-lettter codes ( ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 ) in the field 'Favourite Country Codes' – each code in a new line.
  • WRS - a new implementation of the tracking scripts.Through the new feature it is now possible:
    • To add a tracking code in the HEADER and the BODY section as well.
    • If necessary, you can have a different tracking code for the last page.
    • Support for more complex dynamic data scripts such as ecommerce scripts containing the booking amount, period of stay, etc. All parameters you can use in the tracking scripts are listed Here. Please note some of the parameters will be empty for certain pages, where they don't have a context yet.
  • WRS – Latest hour for accepting bookings. Apart from the existing 'Days in advance' setting defining how many days in advance bookings can be accepted, we have added a new setting for the time until which you can accept bookings on the day in question. Example: If you set 'Days in advance': 0 and 'Latest Hour': 19:00 - this means that you can receive bookings for today, but no later than 19:00. After 19:00 bookings for today are not allowed.
  • Kiosk – several folio-related changes:
    • A new setting whether the issue of a company folio is allowed.
    • A new setting whether a folio to be automatically closed after payment and what document type to be used. If automatically closed, the folio will be emailed to the guest.
    • We have changed the folio details (the screen before payment) for easier data reviewing. The charge table is the same as the one on folio printouts.
  • We have added a new right to view and edit To-Dos. It refers to the To-Dos on the Home and To-Do search pages. The To-Dos, however, on the booking, company, etc. pages do not depend on this right, but on the access rights to these bookings, companies, etc .
  • Self Service – a new setting to disable the 'Request change of the number of guests' feature.
  • A new booking export in a csv format to match the format of the imported file. It can be used for transferring bookings among the accounts. This export option can be found on the Advanced Search page. The bookings matching the search criteria set will be exported.
  • Advanced Search – we have also added the cancelled events to the Event search filter. This way you can also find the bookings of the cancelled events.
  • On the booking screen – we have also added the cancelled charges to the section of the transferred charges. This way it is easier for you to track the made transfers.
  • To the 'Charge Segmentation Report' screen, we have added Net Values as well as the quantities. You can choose which values to be visualized on the report: Quantity, Charged value, Net value, VAT value, Gross value
  • Now the emailed folios are seen by the guest the same way you see them in the PMS. If you open the folio print preview screen and set the View to one of the following: Details, By Date, By Text/ Price or Compact, the set View will be used for emailing the folio to the guest. Your choice for the folio is stored and used next time you open it.
  • On the Booking Enquiry screen, you can use To-Dos.
  • Event – Undo Cancel. The new feature reverts the status of an event back to 'Active' again. Please note that the status of the event is changed only, this change does not affect the statuses of the Meeting Room bookings, Catering, bookings or folios.
  • Out of Season – now accessed through the right: Rate: Create and Update.


  • We have added a new functionality to support Complimentary Items.
    • To the Edit/Split screen, we have added a new 'Make Complimentary' feature. The price of the selected items become zero.
    • We have also added a right to access this feature.
    • New report - 'Complimentary Report' to track the use of this functionality. The report provides information of all items having a zero price (i.e. this means that apart from the items which have been made complimentary, the report also includes the items directly posted with a zero charge). For the items which had a different initial price, (i.e. the 'Make Complimentary' option has been used after their posting), the report will also show the initial price, as well as the total amount of all complimentary items provided.


  • In the endpoint users, we have added a new fiscal_code field for the purposes of the fiscal interfaces. From the User Edit screen, you can edit the field.
  • A new endpoint for adding Adyen tokens (tokenized credit cards in Adyen) to the booking.
  • A new endpoint for closing the folio.
  • The booking's meals have been added to the booking endpoint.
  • A new room status endpoint. Use it to receive information whether a room is occupied/vacant for a certain period as well as what its booking status is.


  • RoomCloud – in certain situations with several bookings imported from one XML, the daily prices weren't properly determined.
  • Kiosk – it was possible for the client to see an error message on the folio screen, when the folio itself was closed by the back-office in this very same time.
  • Channel Manager – when comparing manual prices during import, sometimes an conflict error message appeared, while actually there was no reason for that.
  • On the API user edit screen, there were password fields which couldn't be filled in.
  • Booking screen. The information of the bookings sharing one room with the current one was wrong, if these were cancelled bookings.
  • On the rate's 'Set multiple days', the 'Close' option didn't appear, if the 'Advanced Rates' add-on hadn't been enabled.
  • Folio – the discount feature didn't accept decimal numbers.
  • Guest mail edit screen – the calendar fields got hidden behind the other fields .
  • Registration card print preview – the background was white, even for the customised registration cards. This led to problems with the customisation and the white font themes.
  • 'Occupancy and Charges D-M-Y' issue fixed. The value in the 'Total Charges' month cell for the previous year wasn't correct when running the report by service date.
  • POS - 'Charge Modifier Report' – the period filter now works the way it does on the other similar reports (e.g. Inventory Items Report)
  • When sending the booking, the disabling of the folio closing without a document didn't work properly.
  • When copying a booking, the charge templates from the Daily Charges section didn't copy.

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