Clock PMS+ Update (31 May 2018)

Modified on: Mon, 26 Sep, 2022 at 11:19 AM


Other Improvements

  • GDPR. GDPR statements for personal data collection in the WRS, the Self Service and the Kiosk. A new customisable statement about personal data collection has been added to the last WRS page (personal data collection) and Registration Cards on the Self Service Portal and the Kiosk. The statement contains the following default text:

    "By default, your personal data shall be used solely in relation to the processing of this booking.".

    If you need to change this default text:

    • For the WRS: 'Settings' - 'Languages and Texts' - 'Advanced Labels/Translations: Account' - 'GDPR notice in WRS'
    • For Self Service Portal/Kiosk: 'Settings' - 'Languages and Texts' - 'Advanced Self Service Portal Labels/Translations : Account' - 'GDPR notice in Registration Card'
  • More changes are underway.
  • Kiosk - a new setting regarding the mandatory Registration Card completion. Now it is possible to completely turn off this feature. To use the new setting, go to: 'Settings' - Kiosk' - 'Registration cards required' and select 'None', so that no Registration Card completion is required for the Kiosk/Online check-in.
  • Default Folio Email Template for the Self Service Portal and Kiosk.Now you can select an email template to be sent to your customers having checked out via the Self Service Portal or paid their bills at check-in using the Kiosk. The email template can be entirely html-based and contain a link to the folio.
    • To create Folio Email Templates for different cases (just for information purposes or as payment reminders): 'Settings' - 'Folio Email Template'
    • To select the template which is to be automatically sent to the guests having paid at the Kiosk or checked out via the Self Service Portal: 'Settings' - 'Self service settings' - 'Self service folio email template' in the 'Self check out' section.
  • WRS Tracking Scripts - new parameters and change log.We have added new parameters to the tracking scripts in the WRS: first_name, last_name, e_mail. Please note that sharing personal data with third parties via tracking scripts containing such parameters may violate GDPR or other local regulations. Please use this feature with caution.
    • A change log of the tracking script has been added, too, so that you can track users and changes over time starting from now.
  • 'Booking - Edit multiple' screen – a guarantee policy column has been added. To edit this property, select the column from the 'Columns' button.
  • The Room OOS change log is now included in the main room change log. This way all changes can be found in one report.
  • New user right for the Room OOS creation and editing. The right has automatically been granted to all users having the 'Settings: Update' user right.
  • Company Credit Cards - the cards will now be kept until the next day after the card expiry date.
  • Room calendar colours for bookings. A new 'Calendar colour' field has been added to the booking screen. Bookings in the Room Calendar will be shown in this colour. If no colour is selected, the booking will be shown using the default colour system based on the guarantee/check-in/checkout status.
  • Cash payment number. Some local tax regulations require a sequence number for each cash payment. The number is automatically generated on payment creation and can't be altered. It is included in folio printouts and payment reports. You can format the elements of this number: prefix, suffix, a starting number, etc. by going to 'Settings' - 'Tax settings' - 'Cash payment number'
  • Email list for locked user notifications. A new email list has been created for CC of locked user notifications. This way more users will be alerted in such cases, so that the respective measures can be taken. The new email list can be found in: 'Settings' - 'Users' - 'Administrators' email addresses '.



Zapier is a tool for connecting applications. 1000+ applications can exchange data through Zapier.
It integrates apps such as Facebook Lead Ads, Slack, QuickBooks, Google Sheets, Google Docs & many more!

The integration is still in beta, but you can opt for a test drive. Please note that the integration is not available on the Zapier website yet. Please contact our Support Team for the activation of the interface.

The available triggers are: New Charge, New Payment, New Booking, New Company, New Folio, New Booking Enquiry Room.


  • Charge Template edit screen. An error occurred after selecting the revenue group.
  • Derived Rates. The resulted price was converted into the currency of the base rate. All prices are now in the currency of the rate itself.
  • Self Service Portal - Request Room Change. Archived room types were also included on the list.
  • Group Report - cancelled bookings were included.
  • Rate price edit table. In some cases, the season price for the weekends was not correctly displayed.
  • WRS Settings – The Non-Compatible Product Management checkboxes were not displayed correctly.
  • WRS - the active restrictions text was displayed multiple times for a single product.
  • Booking screen - the link "Make Check-In" is working now.
  • WRS - Adyen HPP - The transaction error was not displayed back to the WRS.
  • The "Daily Charges By Sources" report: when run by Revenue Date, it took too long for the report to be generated and it couldn't be rendered.
  • The "User" segmentation in the Charge Segmentation Report is now working.
  • The Room Calendar was showing old data regarding guest names in some cases.
  • Room list on the Booking edit screen - some rooms were missing from the list in some rare cases.
  • Adyen Tokenization - the email is now validated for smoother operations.
  • The deletion of a rate was not possible.

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