Clock PMS+ Update (25 Feb 2019)

Modified on: Mon, 26 Sep, 2022 at 10:24 AM

  • Custom Confirmation Template for multiple bookings. We have added all necessary liquid parameters to create a custom booking confirmation for more than one booking. We have also added two sample templates. These templates have a more complex structure which the CKEditor breaks. Instead, you should use the plain text editor.

    You can find the samples in: Settings - Guest Mailer – at the bottom.

    The first one is simpler and contains a ready-to-use booking table (similar to a folio one).

    The second one contains full implementation of a custom template – for more advanced users.

  • Custom Guest Mailer Templates – with or without CSS A new option added allowing you to specify if a template contains our standard CSS or not. If using an external app for the creation of your templates, these templates will contain all necessary CSS styles. In this case, our CSS and the customer's template CSS will be in conflict resulting in the template breaking. If needed, you can disable our CSS. Additionally, we have changed the template preview and editor to resemble more precisely what the actual template looks like and would be sent to guests.
  • Guest emails – a new room/non-room booking filter. To let you have different email templates for room and non-room bookings.
  • Meeting Room Calendar – ultra compact view. The new view shows if there are bookings in the chosen period or not. It allows easier previewing of bookings (when a date with bookings clicked, a panel containing more information pops up to the right).

    Ultra Compact View in meeting room calendar

  • New Report - Out Of Service Rooms. For a selected date, it shows all stopped rooms. Clicking a room, all OOS's are shown and they can be edited.
  • Passport images – a new setting to run them via image recognition. Due to the fact that image recognition not always recognises ID documents of some countries properly, we have added a new setting to disable the check whether these documents resemble real documents. The setting can be found in the Self Service settings, as well as in the Kiosk settings.
  • Companies - restoration. Now you can find an archived company (a new search filter) and restore it (a new button in the archived company).
  • WRS – we have checked it for accessibility issues. Due to the growing number of queries of American customers regarding ADA Compliance, we have carried out some system checks. In our opinion, we have eliminated the major issues, and, to a great extent, it complies to the ADA requirements.
  • POS – Discount on selected articles. From the split screen, you can select several articles and apply a discount on them only.
  • Channel managers (RoomCloud/ParityRate) - 'deduct_tax_rate' now supports precision of up to 4 digits after the decimal point.
  • POS – now the service surcharge is in the last place in total printouts.
  • Housekeeping Tasks Report - Room Type added to rooms
  • Profiles – export to CSV – now it works separately for both tabs (Search and Advanced Search) and reflects the results in each of them.
  • WRS – the First day of week setting (subscription-related) is now reflected in the date calendars in the WRS.
  • We have removed the editor for 'tinymce' templates. It has been replaced by CKEditor.
    We have changed the plain text editor also. The new editor is more convenient than the old plain text editor.


  • A new endpoint for adding (tokenization) of encrypted credit card.

    POST /base_api/:s_id/:a_id/credit_cards

    Via the new endpoint, customers can add credit cards to the system. Credit cards, however, have to have client-side encryption. To enable client-side encryption of credit cards, we have prepared, we have prepared special javascript to be generated for each account. The javascript can be added on the customer's credit card page.

  • Here are the details:
    • A given user wants to create their own WRS, in which guests can enter their details. But what the same doesn't want is to undergo a PCI DSS audit or make their own payment interfaces.
    • The customer creates a credit card collection page (it has to be https) by adding special tags (data-encrypted-name) to the form fields.
    • Takes the path to the specially generated JS library from Settings - Credit Card - Client-Side Encryption for API integrations
    • Places the library in the format for credit cards in their WRS. Example

      <script src=""></script>
    • The guest enters their CC details in the already-mentioned form.
    • Our library encrypts the data in one block which is sent to the customer's server.
    • The customer's server receives the encrypted block and therefore it is not necessary to undergo a PCI DSS audit. Still a self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ A-EP) is to completed. For more info on the Javascript method, please visit:
    • This method DOES NOT save the encrypted block on its side.
    • Instead, the encrypted block is sent to our server and a Token is returned. If the Token is needed at a later stage, it can be saved.
    • Bookings are created and the above Token can be added to them (see below).
    • You can add some charges to bookings (see below)
    • Samples of customer's forms:
  • An endpoint for adding credit cards to a booking

    POST: /pms_api/:s_id/:a_id/bookings/:booking_id/booking_credit_cards

    It takes a token, i.e. a credit card has been already added and the token is available to be added to the booking.

  • Endpoint for charging booking credit cards

    POST: /pms_api/:s_id/:a_id/bookings/:booking_id/booking_credit_cards/:cc_token/charge_token

    You have to know the token which is to have already been added to the booking, so that the booking can be charged. It takes a value and returns execution flag complete: true, as well as payment_service – the service used for making the payment (it is automatically selected among the available active services)

  • To the booking endpoint, a search by main guest name can be implemented. A parameter is to be passed



  • WRS in iframe – the Adyen error alerts were not visible
  • WRS – with iframe and custom payment, it didn't redirect to the custom payment page in Safari.
  • Adyen (and Authorize) – the payment making process accounted for user rights (to create payments) and the successful payments were added to the system.
  • Rate and Availability screen – popovers (price details) were broken and stopped working in combination with the descriptions for the staff.
  • Kiosk – registration card – the date fields had no pop-up calendars
  • Rate package elements – the quantity checkbox disabled the price one
  • WRS – not all free rooms could be booked, if they are few and "Max Rooms/Units with one click" enabled
  • Charge Template Availability Report – when in a modern window and by days, it went out of it
  • Room edit screen – the old housekeeping warning and status fields are already removed
  • The edit link for custom notes in the Navigation bar disappeared in certain situations
  • GL payment code – now two lines containing one and the same code can co-exist
  • When checking in non-room booking, a missing room warning no longer appears on the small screen
  • Room Plan – it doesn't update after clicking on something in the housekeeping pop-up
  • Events – it was not possible to pay with Adyen and credit cards, if the card is new and not added to the Company screen.
  • Zapier API - adding a charge version

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