Clock PMS+ Update (20 Mar 2019)

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We are happy to announce the release of a new Channel Manager interface: SiteMinder.

SiteMinder has a reputation for being a powerful, capable and stable channel manager, suited for large and medium-sized hotels and chains. It will make a fine addition to our automated online distribution functionality. The new feature is designed to meet the needs of our large customers.

Here is more info on the new interface to SiteMinder

We have used an improved technology of detecting the changes to availability and prices. As a result, the changed availability and prices should update in SiteMinder for 2-3 minutes average to maximum of 5 minutes. The same applies to the download of bookings. During initial synchronization when the entire database is updated or there is a large volume of changes, the update time can be longer.


  • Mapping of room types (mapping of specific rooms is not supported) between the two systems. After the completion of the process
  • The system can automatically export Availability (Room Type Level) to the channel manager.
  • You can set a maximum number of available rooms to be sent for each room type. This way, if the number of available rooms exceeds the maximum set by you, only amount corresponding to this maximum number of rooms will be sent.
  • After Clock PMS+ exports its data to SiteMinder, the latter makes sure this data is sent to each of your activated OTA channels.
  • For each room type, you can temporarily (or permanently) stop the availability export. This way you can directly manage the available rooms in SiteMinder, while keeping the mapping of room types for the purposes of the import of bookings.


  • Mapping of rates between the two systems. Rates in both systems are Room Type Level, i.e. one rate belongs to a certain room type.
  • The currencies of rates are not accounted for, as what is important are the numeric values only. For greater clarity, you are recommended to use one and the same currency in both systems.
  • There is a setting to specify if the exported prices are to be treated by the Channel Manager and respectively the OTA channels as prices including tax or not.
  • For each rate, you can stop the export of prices and restrictions while keeping the rate mapping for the import of bookings


  • The rate restrictions sent by Clock PMS+ are: Minimum Stay, Maximum Stay, Stop, Closed for Arrival, Closed for Departure.
  • In case of no available rooms, Clock PMS+ sends a zero availability for the respective room type and Stop Sell to the related rates. Should free rooms appear eventually, the rate restriction will also be removed.

Booking Import

  • Import of new bookings, modifications and cancellations
  • The bookings created in the Channel Manager prior to the date of the interface activation will be ignored to avoid doubled bookings.
  • On booking import, a certain deposit amount can be charged to the booking credit card. For this purpose, you can specify the necessary action next to each rate in the mapping. Apart from charging, you can also set tokenization in Adyen. It will check the credit card validity through a zero transaction.
  • Please note that SideMinder does not send the CVC codes of credit cards. If necessary, you can contact your payment gateway to allow credit card transactions without CVV codes.
  • Booking extra services. Our interface processes the additional services in bookings. For these services to be charged to folios, you need to select 'Default charge template' in the Channel Manager settings, as well as to make a mapping between the extra services codes received from OTA channels and the charge templates in Clock PMS+. If no mapping is found for the code received, the service will be charged through the default charge template. The service price is retrieved from the data of the received booking. A charge to the amount of the received value is posted.
  • We also support a mapping of a channel to a company, allowing you to automatically specify as company in all bookings from

User Support

  • In contrast to the Integrated Channel Manager of Clock PMS+, the failed exports to channels, including OTA channel deactivation, as well as any other issues pertaining to the channel manager are to be directed to the SiteMinder Support Centre.

Ledgers v.2

Our target is to achieve a clear distinction between deposits, liabilities and account receivables. Four new reports: Guest Ledger, Company Ledger, Deposit Ledger and Trial Balance

The reports are still under development and testing. We will appreciate your feedback!

Guest Ledger

  • Includes bookings and non-resident folios.
  • Bookings are shown instead of folios
  • Bookings are grouped by status (checked-in, checked-out, cancelled).
  • All checked-in bookings are shown, even if their folios are paid which gives you a clearer picture of your current guests.
  • Typically, there should not be expected bookings as they don't have liability yet.
  • A new term in the report - LIABILITIES **

Company Ledger.

  • Includes company and event folios.
  • Only folios with non-zero balance or some movement are shown.
  • A new term in the report - LIABILITIES **

Deposit Ledger.

  • Includes folios with PAYMENTS but without LIABILITIES
  • To issue VAT invoices for payments made, you need to use Deposit Folios. If no VAT invoice is needed - use normal folio with regular payment instead.

All of the reports can be run for past dates. Reports will show the picture of bookings, charges and payments the way they were in that past date.
The reports can be run on the current date also, so they can be used as operational reports.

* CHARGES: Only charges for the selected or past revenue date are included. Charges for future dates (dates after the selected report date) are NOT included in the report.

** LIABILITIES and ACCOUNT RECEIVABLES: The services rendered to clients, not covered by the existing payment. In other words, the amount of charges MINUS payments, but not less than ZERO. Liabilities are in Open folios. Account Receivables - Closed folios. Examples:

  • Charges 100 EUR, no payments. Liability: 100 EUR
  • Charges 100 EUR, payments 40 EUR. Liability: 60 EUR
  • Charges 100 EUR, payments 120 EUR. Liability: 0 EUR

*** DEPOSITS: Taken payments in normal or deposit folios MINUS liabilities but not less than zero. Example: A stay of 3 nights charged at 100 EUR each. Payment in the folio: 300 EUR.

  • Before check-in - 300 EUR prepayment ( 0 EUR liability)
  • On check-in date - 200 EUR prepayment ( 100 EUR liability)
  • Second day - 100 EUR prepayment ( 200 EUR liability)
  • Third day and after check-out - 0 EUR prepayment ( 300 EUR liability)

Trial balance

Trial balance gives you summarised information of charges and payments in all three ledgers.

WRS - Asks for a guest name for each room

Prior to this change, the multiple bookings created at one and the same time in the WRS were all linked to the profile of the person having created them. To some extent, it was convenient because you could see all bookings created by someone from their profile screen. However, it also led to many errors when guests were checked in or registration cards were filled in (the data of the first guest got erased because no new profile was created for the next guest). There were issues with the Self Service Portal when guests while completing their registration cards were deleting the data of the previous guest.

Here is why we made the following change :

  • If multiple bookings are created in the WRS, with each next booking, guest names are required for the respective room.
  • Now there are two settings regarding which guest fields to be required in the WRS (Settings - Guest Profile Fields - Set visibility/requirement on different screens) – the existing 'WRS' setting related to the guest creating the bookings and a new one 'WRS Additional Guests' related to the data of each room after the first one. You can set the names of the other guests to be required only or add other fields, too.
  • If you set a separate email address to be filled in for each of the rooms, the confirmation letters will be sent to each of the entered email addresses.

As bookings can no longer be linked to one profile, you won't also be able to find them all through a simple search by name of the person having created them as before. To solve this issue, we have made following changes:

  • We have enhanced the 'Related bookings' feature. Related bookings are those having one and the same reference number. The bookings created in the WRS are such, as well as the ones created through the Create Multiple or Save as multiple features.
  • We would like to remind you that you can easily 'relate' bookings by entering '#' and the number of one of these bookings in reference number field of all of the bookings.
  • The already related bookings are now visible in all booking searches: Quick Search, Arrivals/Departures/In Hotel, Advanced Search, as well as in the form of a list of bookings in the guest's profile. So if you find one booking by guest's name, you can quickly and easily find all the related bookings. The related bookings are marked with .... (the number of all related bookings). Click on the icon to open the list of all related bookings.
  • On the screens of all related bookings, we have added a 'Master Booking' section with the contact details of the booking they are related to. This way you can effortlessly find the guest having created all these bookings via the WRS .

Web Reservation System - multiple rooms

Self Service – Housekeeping Tasks

With the last change to the Housekeeping functionality, we have added the option for multiple housekeeping tasks to be assigned to a housekeeper. We have extended this scope to the Self Service, where now there is an option for guests to directly create housekeeping tasks. Such tasks can be all kinds of guest requests like: "Softer pillow", "Extra blanket", "Please clean the room" or "Please do not disturb". Here is how the new feature works:

Web Reservation System - multiple rooms

  • In the "Self Service Housekeeping Tasks" of the Self Service Settings, you can describe the most common tasks related to requests of your guests. Each text (task) is to be on a separate role. At least one line of text is necessary to activate this feature.
  • These tasks can be selected in the "Housekeeping Requests" section of the Self Service Portal (upon the booking check-in).
  • In this section, guests can select among predefined tasks or enter their own text of a request.
  • Upon the confirmation of a request in the Self Service Portal:
    • The system will create a task for the respective room with a 'task' status (this status does not change the room status to dirty or clean). These tasks will directly go to the housekeeping task list and can be assigned to a certain housekeeper.
    • The system will send a task email to the email address of the housekeeping department. This email is a new setting, you can find by going to Settings - Account Info - Housekeeping email. If this email address is empty, the task email will be sent to the hotel email address.

Other improvements

  • The booking import from a csv file now has an option to also import the booking deposit. The amount is described in three new fields: deposit amount, deposit currency and deposit payment type. The payment types are fixed and can be: 'cash', 'card', 'bank', 'debit', 'on-line', 'check', 'voucher', 'other'. You can also see the sample file on the import screen.
  • WRS – occupancy adaptable rate bookings would be created with manual prices. We have made this change to guarantee bookings will have the price the guest has seen in your WRS. Here is more on the issue: The occupancy adaptable rates work in real time. Each change to occupancy instantly changes the price of this rate. This is fine, but it also turns out to be the issue essence in the WRS. When multiple rooms booked at once, after each room (booking), the occupancy changes. As a result, the last rooms can have different prices from the first ones, though booked together.
  • On tax mode change, we have improved the recalculation process of open folios to the new tax mode. It is a background operation and can take some time to finish. This does not stop the work of users.
  • POS – The kitchen monitor can now be set to 1, 2 or 3-column display mode. This way if you have a larger display, you can see more orders on your screen. Test all column modes and choose the most suitable one for you.
  • We have added a new setting – account default currency. Before the national currency set in the subscription was taken as a default currency. The default value was used when creating new folios, rates, etc. With larger chains having hotels in several countries, it was not very convenient. Now using the new option, each hotel can select its default currency from Settings - Tax Settings - Account default currency. If not set, the system will continue using the national currency set in the subscription as a default one.


  • Booking edit screen. Once a company entered, it could not be removed leaving the booking without a company.
  • We have hidden column showing tax amount for each row in folio printouts when 'Tax not included in prices, rounding – total' mode selected, because the actual calculation is made at total amount level.
  • Languages and Texts – the new plain text editor did not open
  • Credit card screen – in some browsers, the month field did not fit well and the month was not properly displayed.
  • Guest profile fields – it was not possible to set value list and Important for the system fields (locked icon)
  • Lightspeed – fixed issue related to the values of imported charges

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