Clock PMS+ Update (15 May 2019)

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Package elements: Per Adult, Per Child, On particular nights only and Offset days

We have added a few options to the package elements to make their management easier and increase their functionality.`

Per Adult and Per Child

For each package element, you can now specify if its quantity refers to a night (regardless of the number of guests), each adult, each child or each guest (regardless if the same is a child or adult).

When accounting for the package element, the set quantity will be multiplied by the number of adults, children or guests depending on the setting.

There might be no information of the number of the adults or children in the booking. For such cases, we have added a new field to the package elements – "Guests by default”. The system use this value when calculating the package element, if the booking contains no information of the adults or children.

On Particular Nights Only

We have removed the 'First night only' option from the package elements and added a new feature to let you specify which specific nights to be accounted for by the package element. The package elements with active 'First night only' option have been migrated to the new field "On particular nights only" setting the value to "1". In the field, you can now specify nights separating them through a comma for which the package element to be activated. Example: "1,3,5". Leave the field empty to have the package element activated for all nights.

Offset days

Through the new setting, you can shift the date of a given charge forward or backward compared to the date of the night. This way, the dates of the breakfast and lunch meals can be on the actual dates they are to be provided instead of the date of the night. By entering '1', they will be charged on the next date. Negative values are also accepted to allow you to have charges referring to the previous date.

In combination with Capacity Counters and Package Availability

Please note that there is certain incompatibility between Package Availability and the new parameters in the package elements. The issue is related to the fact that not always when calculating the Package Availability there is exact information of the arrival, departure, adults and children. These are the cases with the 'Calendar' type availability: date by date. For example, the channel manager availability is sent date by date for one year ahead. In this situation, it is impossible to determine the sequence of a night in the stay, because there is no such one. For this reason, when it comes to 'Calendar' type availability, it is not possible to calculate the availability of the packages containing elements dependent on the sequence of the night in stay (On particular nights only).

Other improvements:

  • A new field in bookings - Marketing Segment. We have added a new field to bookings for the purposes of marketing reports – Marketing Segment. To set its value, go to 'Settings' - 'Marketing Sources / Channels / Segment', and the new field can be used on:
    • New booking/Edit screen
    • Booking Fields Setting Screen – you can choose a default value for the booking screen.
    • Advanced Search Screen – filter and column.
    • Channel Manager Settings – a default value for bookings created in the channel manager
    • WRS Settings – a default value for bookings created in the WRS
    • Charge Segmentation Report – segmentation
    • Booking Segmentation Report – filter and segmentation
    • Bednights Report - segmentation
    • Booking Pace Report - filter
    • Booking Day-By-Day Report - column
    • Booking Import from CSV
  • In the Charge Template Availability Report, we have added another filter - by 'Template group'. This way you can see the availability of a group of similar charge templates.
  • A new feature for import of companies from a csv file. See the sample structure from 'Settings' - 'Import from CSV file' - 'Company sample CSV file'
  • Guest Profile import can import custom fileds (non system fields) now. See the sample structure from ‘Settings' - 'Import from CSV file' - 'Profiles sample CSV file'

API and Interfaces

  • AvailPro - Beta version of the interface has been released;
  • SiteMinder/AvailPro – a new flag in rate maps – price export disabled. This way the map can be preserved for the purposes of the import but no prices to be exported which are not necessary for derived rates defined in the channels.
  • API – to the booking_guest endpoint, a new method of adding guests has been introduced;
  • 4Suite – Virtual keys are deleted upon a change to the status of a checked-in booking;
  • BRP - Show SPA treatment time in UTC;
  • Custom Fiscalization – a new model of maps/settings added;
  • ОТА/Availpro – the change to maps didn't cause the sending of new availability for the changed sequence;


  • WRS – some translations were missing on the 'Edges' product page;
  • The export button didn't get activated in the new Trial Balance;
  • The Channel manager error emails didn't show the channel manager the error originated from;
  • New booking screen – the selection of a room, meals or company led to the loss of the selected rate;

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