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Events – Copying Event content to another one

We have added an option to ease your work with Events. The new functionality allows you to copy whole Events or parts of them to other Events. Apart from being able to copy repeatable Events, you can also use the feature to create Event templates or Packages to be used for building the new Event.

In the process of copying the information from one Event to another one, dates and quantities are copied relatively - see more details below. If you create Events to be solely used as Templates or Packages, it is best after their creation to fully cancel them (including their charges), so that they don't appear in your reports. With the copying process, both active and cancelled elements are copied as active ones.

To copy the content of an Event to another one:

  • You will first need to create the new Event which is then to be built up. Fill in the new Event form – dates, company, status, etc. 
  • In the newly created Event, click Copy from
  • Find the existing Event, Template or Package by name or company. You can also use the new "Tag" field we have added for easier search of events. Take advantage of this new functionality to designate the Events you have created to use as "Templates" or "Packages", so that you can quickly find them later on.
  • Choose the Event through the Select button
  • Fill in the data:
    • From Date. Allows you to set on which date the selected Event to be copied. Below you can find a few examples related to the use of this date in "Date Relativity" section.
    • Persons. The number of persons filled in here will be transferred to the newly created Meeting Room Bookings and Catering.
    • Charge Qty. Find more details in Qty Relativity paragraph
    • Included elements:Select which data of the Event to be copied to the new one:
      • Charges - Charges posted to the Event itself
      • Catering - All catering and the related charges
      • Meeting Room Bookings - All bookings and related charges
      • Blocks - All blocked rooms by room types and rates
  • Please note that during the copying process only the Event content is copied, and not the Event fields. In other words, the fields filled in the new event form will not be changed.

Date Ralativity

When copying the content of one Event to another one, it is very important to know how date copying works.

Let's examine these two cases:

  • Simple case.
    • The Event to copy from is on 01.01.2018. All of its elements (Meeting Room Bookings, Catering, Blocks and all related charges are for 01.01.2018)
    • We create a new Event for 01.08.2020.
    • Copy the content and enter into the From Date field: 01.08.2020
    • The newly created elements and charges will be for 01.08.2020.
  • Complex case:
    • We have created an event to be used as template – "Two-Day Corporate Package". It has elements and charges for 01.01.2018 and 02.01.2018.
    • We create a new Event for 4 days – arrival on 01.08.2020, and departure on 05.08.2020. This Event will be built up based on 2 ''Two-Day Corporate Packages".
    • And copy the content while entering into the From Date field: 01.08.2020.
    • Now the elements and charges copied from the old Event where they were for 01.01.2018 will get a new date - 01.08.2020, and the ones that were for 02.01.2018 will remain for 02.08.2020.
    • We once again copy "Two-Day Package", but this time we type the date of 03.08.2020.
    • The copied elements and charges of the old Event initially being for 01.01.2018 will now be for 03.08.2020, and the ones for 02.01.2018 will become for 04.08.2020.
    • This way we can build up an Event from several different templates for the respective dates.

Qty Relativity

When copying the content, you have two options how charges to be copied:

  • If you select Plain for Charge Qty , the values of all charges will directly be copied as they are. In other words, if a charge of the initial Event had a value of 10, the charge of the newly created Event will also have the value of 10.
  • If you select Coefficient for Charge Qty, a model will be applied under which the new quantities will follow the ratio between the old PAX and the newly entered PAX.Here is an example:
    • You have an event that you use as a template – "Hall and Drinks One-Day Package". It contains one hall booking for 10 PAXwith the following charges:
      • Room Rent - 100 EUR (no qty)
      • Water - 2 EUR x 10
      • Cola-Cola 1.5 l - 4 EUR x 2
      • Fanta 1.5 l - 4 EUR x 1
    • Create a new Event, and when copying, enter into the Persons field: 20. The Coefficient between the new and the old PAX is 20 / 10 = 2.This way the copied charges will have the following values:
      • Room Rent - 100 EUR (no qty). Its value will remain the same, as this charge has no quantity.
      • Water - 2 EUR x 20 – The water charge will become 20 (10 * 2)
      • Cola-Cola 1.5 l - 4 EUR x 4 – The Coca-Cola charge will become 4 (2*2)
      • Fanta 1.5 l - 4 EUR x 2 (1 * 2)
    • The same logic will be used if the new PAX are less than the old ones. In other words, if you specify 5 for Persons, the Coefficient will be 5 / 10 = 0.5. All quantities will be reduced by half. In this case, it is important to know that the system will apply rounding to the bigger whole number, so returning to the above example, the Fanta charge will be rounded from 0.5 to 1.

It is the same with charges related to Meeting Room Bookings or Catering. Please note that direct Event charges are copied 1:1.

Blocked Rooms

In the process of copying Blocks, the date relativity principles are followed, however, the number of rooms is copied 1:1. This way, what has been entered into the first event, this would be copied to the new Event, as only the dates will change in accordance with the Date Ralativity model.

If you copy several different Blocks for one and the same type of room/rate in one Event, the quantities will accumulate for the respective date, i.e. in the copying process, they merge instead of being updated.

Please note that you cannot copy Blocks having a longer duration than the Event they are copied to. In this case, the Вlock duration will exceed the new Event period resulting in an error.

Charges – new rights ( PMS ) and floating price ( PMS and POS )

We have improved the rights in terms of charging, so that you can more precisely regulate user access. A new "Floating price" feature added.

Floating Price. To the charge templates, we have added a new Floating Price field. You can use this field to specify which charge templates do not have a fixed price and it is to be determined in the process of charging. This way, users with a lower level of rights (e.g. not having the Custom Charge right) can charge such articles, as in this case, the system will ask you for a price only without letting you change other attributes set in the charge template. This feature is available for both PMS and POS.

Changes to the Charge Rights:

  • Charges: Create – this right allows employees to use ready-to-use charge templates without changing any other related attributes. If the charge template is "Floating price" marked – the system will ask for a price and they will be able to post the charge. This right also gives you access to the editing of the service date of the charge, and users having made a mistake when determining the date can correct it.
  • Charges: Edit and Void – this right allows you to edit the price and quantity of already posted charges, as well as to void them.
  • Charges: Edit print text – with this right, the user can edit the print text of a charge.
  • Charges – Custom Charge or Modifier Posting – having this right, users can post Custom charges by specifying all necessary attributes. It also lets you edit all other attributes of a charge: Text, Revenue Category, Custom fields, etc.

Occupancy Forecast

  • We have added totals (for the hotel as a whole) to the Occupancy Forecast: Total Capacity; Total Adjustmentс; Total Room statuses (OOS); Total Bookings and Total Blocks. If segmentation selected, you can see the total amounts like Total Non-Guaranteed and Total Guaranteed in the amounts of Total Bookings and Total Blocks.
  • We have changed the report to not show room types not having any data. This way, the archived and no longer used room types will not appear in the report.

Other Improvements

  • Deposit Ledger v2 – the report has been changed and now its generation occurs in the background. Thus it can process greater amounts of data.
  • Now on the language list in the back end, e.g the generation of guest mails or Event documents, you can find languages that are not public to be used for the purposes of your correspondence, though not used in the WRS yet, for example. Please note that WRS and Self Service will continue working with the public languages only.
  • We have made changes to the support for QR codes, so that they can be used in all email clients.


  • Charge – in the edit form, the print text field was automatically filled in and saved without this being initiated by the user.
  • WRS – under "by room numbers" mode, the calendar didn't always show all rooms.
  • USTI – we fixed a bug related to the currency and the "undefined method `currency' for nil:NilClass" error

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