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Use the Instructions feature in Clock PMS+ for any kind of messages, special requests, important notes that should be considered during the preparation of a meal, e.g. due to a client’s peanut allergy, the meal shouldn’t contain any peanut-related ingredients. Through this functionality, you can inform the kitchen staff of certain special customer requirements, etc.

How to create

To add an instruction in Clock POS, first, go to 'Management ' > 'Instructions', click the 'New' button and enter the instruction’s text into the 'Text' field.

How to edit

To edit an already created instruction, go to 'Management '> 'Instructions' and click the 'Open' button next to the respective instruction. Then make the necessary changes and click the 'Update' button to save them.

How to delete

In Clock POS, instructions are just as easily deleted: go to 'Management ' > 'Instructions' and click 'Open' next to the respective instruction. Then simply use the 'Delete' button to remove the instruction from the system.

How to use

To add an instruction to an order simply click the 'Notes' button on the sidebar of the Order screen and select one or more instructions from the pop-up window. To save, click 'Close'.

Notes in Clock POS

Custom instructions

In case of no predefined instructions or when needing to add a custom one to the respective order only, click 'Notes' from the screen sidebar. Then use the 'Your notes' field to enter the text of your custom instruction and click 'Close'

Where Clock POS Instructions appear

Instructions in Clock POS appear on kitchen monitors and receipts. Check out the examples below:

Notes in Clock POS

Notes in Clock POS

Notes in Clock POS

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