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How the Season feature works

From the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, select the "Seasons" section. We have preserved the logic behind the seasons you well know. In brief, here is how the Seasons feature works:

  • The Seasons feature allows you to define prices, restrictions, guest offsets and guest levels which to be applied to a certain period of time;
  • Each season is defined only through a starting date and is applicable to the beginning of the next season defined
  • If for the season, there are no restrictions, guest offsets and guest levels defined, the ones set in the rate are applied. Please consider the following specifics:
  • Guest levels - the whole scheme of the levels is sought by the season or the rate. If there are no levels in the season, the scheme set in the rate is used. If there is at least one level defined in the season, then the scheme from the season is used;
  • Restrictions and Guest offsets - each field (offset or restriction) separately is sought by the season, if it is not filled in the season it is taken from the rate.
Example: If in the rate there is a defined offset for Adult1 and Adult2, and in the season - only for Adult1, then the offset for Adult1 will be taken from the season, and for Adult2 - from the rate.

Here is what you can configure in the “Seasons” section:

  • In the upper left corner of the section, you can change the year for which the seasons will be edited. If you don’t find the desired year on the list, you type it by using the "..." button;
  • Under the year you see the names of the rates that are loaded onto the screen, grouped by room type. You can add more rates using the search button in the top right corner. If you click on the name of the rate, you will open its edit screen;
  • In the second column of the "Rate Level" table, you can see information about the restrictions, guest levels and guest offsets set in the rate. If you click on them, you will open the rate edit screen again and you can adjust them.
  • The start date of each season is displayed as the name of the column in which the season is placed. For existing seasons, the cell next to the rate name displays information about the restrictions, guest levels, and guest offsets set in them.  If the table is missing the desired date or has no date columns at all, you can add one or more new columns to enter seasons with the "+" button in the upper right corner. Select one or several start dates and confirm. To begin configuring a season, click in the cell next to the appropriate rate. If you have added a column with the wrong date, simply add a new one with the correct one and start configuring the season in it. The empty column will disappear when you finish working with the rates.
  • Please note that if only one rate is loaded on the screen and you add only one date, the season edit screen will open automatically.

Season editing

The Season edit has four tabs:

  • Season - for your convenience, we have added a season copying feature to this screen. You can open any season for editing, using the "Copy Season" button to copy all its settings (prices, restrictions, guest offsets and guest levels). In the new season, use the "Paste Season" button to transfer all the information with just one click. You can also manually configure the season by entering the price valid for it. If using weekend prices, you can enter them as well. The scope of which days the weekend covers is found in the rate plan to which the rate is attached. If you are editing an existing season, you can change its start date from here. If you do not find the desired date on the list, you should first add it as a column from the previous screen. You can also delete an existing season from this tab.

  • Restrictions - enter the restrictions valid for the season;
  • Guest Offsets;
  • Guest Level - here we have also added the option to copy guest levels from the existing rate or season. You have two buttons to copy the levels from the current rate or from the previous season, as well as the option to make a copy from any rate or season through the Copy/Paste buttons;

To add the season or save the changes made, use the “Save” button in the upper right corner before leaving the screen

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