One of the first impressions that guests have about your property and business is when they are on your website and want to create a booking through the Web Reservation System.

Naturally, this means that having coherent branding and design across all pages (including the WRS) is paramount in order to leave a good first impression.

The Web Reservation system offers quite a bit of flexibility in regards to design and content allowing you to create a WRS as close to your branding as possible.


All settings in this regard are done from menu Web->Settings - Web Reservation System v2, through the following sections: 

  • Appearance
  • Images


  • Theme (1) - select the general theme - Light or Dark.
  • Brand colour (2) - select the colour for various elements such as buttons.
  • Text colour on a brand colour background (3) - select the colour of the text for those elements - White or Black.
  • Calendar position (4) - select the position of the calendar on step 1.
  • Button and input style (5) - select the style of the buttons and windows on the WRS - Rounded or Rectangular.

Note: You can easily preview the various options. Open the WRS (menu Web->Web Reservation System v2) and simply refresh the page after every change to the Appearance so you can see it in practice.


  • Background image (1) - upload an image for the first step (calendar) of the WRS. If left blank, the default background color of the theme (white or black) will be used.
  • Room type images (2) - upload images for each of your room types. You can upload many images per room type which guests can scroll through on the WRS. 

Note: The order in which you upload the photos will be the sorting order in the room type gallery. This means, the most presentable image and the one you want guests to see initially, should be uploaded first. Then the second and so on. You are not able to change the sorting once images are uploaded. If you need to make a change, you need to remove them and upload them again in the correct order.

Here is what the room type gallery looks like on the WRS:

  • Extra service images (3) - attach an image to an extra service that you offer for booking on the WRS (e.g. parking, pet fee, breakfast, etc.). When you click on the link, you will be directed to the charge templates section. Click the green image button on the top right (1) and then click the image icon next to an extra service that is published (2) to upload your image. Extra services can have only one image.

Here is how the image will be visualized on the WRS: