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Before proceeding with the activation and configuration of the various features of the MyBooking (Self Service) Portal, please examine their purpose  HERE.

To do the settings, from the Navigation bar, select Web->Self service settings.

The different options are grouped depending on when during the stay these options are available.

Before you arrive 

This section shows all actions that guests can take before arriving. The section itself is only visible, if the booking status is   "Expected".

Upsell rates (Special Offers) (1)

Use the upsell rates to offer room or package upgrades to your guests. The available upsell rates will be displayed to your guests as Special Offers on the Self Service Portal or Clock Kiosk. Activate the feature and select the rates which will be available for an upsell (more details can be found in the Upsell Rate article);

Fill in your Registration Card(s) (2)

The option can be used as an alternative to Online Check-in and lets guests fill in their registration cards via the portal. The required fields are set with the configuration of guest profile fields. You can find more details HERE.

  • Registration cards count (a) - How many registration cards to be entered for a booking (One Registration Card, Adults, Adults + Children);
  • ID Photos (b) - The guest will be prompted to take a photo of their ID document after completing the registration card (Not requested; Required; Requested, but not required; Requested, but not required. No image recognition);

Select your favourite Room (3)

Set to Yes if you want the guest to be able to select the booking room (from the list of currently available rooms). If the booking already has an assigned room, the guest will not be able to change it.

  • Days before arrival (a) - Leave the field empty to enable room selection at any moment or fill in how many days before arrival the function is to be enabled for guests;
  • Languages and Texts - Settings (b) - you can enter a description of each room in various languages. From settings list, select “Room Description/Translation” for all languages.
  • Room pictures (c)- Upload pictures for each room;

Change request

Before their arrival, guests can send different requests to the hotel. Please note that except for the cancellation, these are merely requests to be processed by the hotel, but they do not change the booking in any way. For each request by the guest, you will be notified through a To-Do. You can activate the following options:

  • Request period change(4)- set to Yes if you want to allow the guest to send a request for a change of their booking period of stay. Will not update the booking details;
  • Request room type change (5) - set to Yes if you want to allow the guest to send a request for a change of their booking room type. Will not update the booking details;
  • Request change of the number of guests (6) - set to Yes if you want to allow the guest to send a request for a change of their booking guest count. Will not update the booking details;
  • Cancel booking (7) - set to Yes if you want to allow the guest to be able to cancel their booking. If the option is enabled, guests can cancel their booking regardless of the cancellation policy, days prior to arrival, etc. With the booking cancellation, you will be notified through a newly generated To-Do.;
  • Special Requests (8)- the options enable a custom text field, through which the guest can send a message/request. The message will be added as a booking's special request note.  All of the booking Special request notes will be visible to the guest;
  • Allow transfer arrival/departure transfer editing (9) - set to Yes if you want to allow the guest to edit their arrival and/or departure transfer time;
  • Allow Estimated Arrival/Departure Time editing (10) - set to Yes if you want to allow the guest to edit their estimated arrival/and or departure time;

You are almost here 

This section has only one feature - Tell us when you are nearby. It allows the guest to quickly notify the hotel of their location. The feature can be used only on the arrival date.

To enable it, you need to set various locations through Settings->Languages and Texts->Self Service Translations->Nearby locations.

These locations will be suggested to the guest to select one of them. A To-Do will be generated to notify you of the location selected.

Welcome to our hotel

In this section, you can find some of the most useful features and options, available for guests also after their check-in.

Request Extra Services (11)

Enable the option if you would like your guests to be able to request an extra service on their own at any time. The services offered are the same as the ones configured for your web reservation system (BookDirect). The selected charge templates will be applied to the guest folio automatically. A To-Do will be created for the staff.

Check your bill (12)

Guests can check their bills at any time. If you use an integrated payment service and the online payment is enabled from the settings of the portal, guests will be able to pay their bill..

Allow Company search by name (13)

Guests can change their billing details, if needing an invoice in the name of their company. They can can search the available companies by:

  • VAT/Identification number of the company - the option is always available and does not require additional settings;
  • Company name - requires the enabling of the current setting; 

If the company is found in the database, it will be suggested to the guest. Otherwise, the guest will enter all the details of the company and it will be added to the database.

Self checkout (14)

The feature is only available on the departure date and can be used only, if the hotel has an enabled payment service. If there is an outstanding balance in the folio(s), the system will prompt the guest to pay it. If the guest self checks out, the booking folio will be closed automatically (if currently opened) and will be sent as an e-mail to the guest. 

  • Document type (a)- You can select in the document type which will be used when a folio is automatically closed;
  • Folio Email Template (b)- This folio email template will be sent to the customer after the folio closing;

Online payment (15)

Set to Yes if you want to allow the guest to register payment via the portal, for example, to pay their bill.

Housekeeping Tasks (16)

The option becomes active after the check-in of the booking. Create various housekeeping tasks entering each of them on a separate row, for example, Additional pillow, Additional blanket.

This way your guests can send any housekeeping requests in relation to their room or stay. All requests will automatically be added to the housekeeping report.

"More info" links (17)

Allows you to add direct links which can be used by guests (e.g. local guides, calendar with events, etc.).  To add them, select More info - links. For each link fill in:

  • Text -  the link text that will be visible on the portal;
  • URL - fill in the URL address;
  • CSS class - from the available options, select the way the link should look like on the portal; 

Rate your experience with us (18)

Set to Yes if you want to allow the guest to leave a review about their stay. The feedback can be seen in detail in the 'Guest Feedback Report'.

Room Service (eMenu) (19)

Allows your hotel guests to order food & beverages directly on the Self Service Portal from their mobile devices. Requires Clock POS with the eMenu add on activated. From the settings of the portal, select the respective POS account from which guests to order. 

Table bookings (20)

Allows your guests to easily access the table booking systems of your Restaurants/Bars. Requires Clock POS with the Table Booking add on activated. From the settings of the portal you can select the respective POS accounts.

Other Settings

Self Service Portal Public Access (21)

The access to the Self Service Portal is unique for each booking and it is part of the default Booking Confirmation message if the Self Service Portal add-on is active.

Enable Self Service Portal Public Access and with this feature you can publish a link to the Self Service Portal on your hotel website. The link can also be included in your policy description published on OTA portals. This way your guests can access the Self Service Portal even if you don't have their emails:

  • For expected or checked-out bookings, a guest must enter their last name and their booking number - it can be the number of the hotel booking or the OTA booking (reference number);
  • For checked-in bookings, the Guest's last name and room number can be used;

Plugin integration (22)

Copy and paste here the code for any social network plugin, like Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor, etc.

Self Service Translations (23)

Through the translations into various languages  you can set a header and footer text for the portal. You can also add a description containing instructions or other info to be shown to the guest on Self checkout.

Background Image (24)

Select a background image for your self service application.

Theme (25)

You can select one of the preset themes for the Self Service Portal.

Customise CSS

You can make full customisation of the portal's layout by creating your own theme through Bootstrap. The Self Service portal uses the same tools for custom themes as the WRS. Please check the following article for more details if you plan to create your own custom theme.

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