Charge Transfers and Group Folios

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Through its transfer options, Clock PMS+ gives you operational flexibility in relation to bookings and charges. You can transfer charges from a single folio and multiple folios. Being able to transfer charges allows you to:

  • easily manage related bookings and unite their charges into one group folio and issue a single invoice.
  • split charges due to a guest request and issue two (or more) separate invoices (e.g. 1 invoice for accommodation; 1 invoice for extras or simply each guest in the room wanting a separate invoice).
  • split charges due to local legislation requirements (e.g City Tax to be in a separate invoice).
  • transfer charges of company-related bookings to a company folio. 

Important: Make sure that the 'Accept Charge Transfers' button is selected in the bookings/company profiles to which you need to transfer.

  • Transfers are possible from a booking folio to a company/agent/event folio and vice versa.
  • Transfers are possible from a Non-resident folio to a booking/company/agent/event folio.
  • Transfers are NOT possible to a Non-resident folio.

Transferring Charges from one folio to another

In order to transfer charges, navigate to the Folio and in the 'Charges' section of the folio, you will see the transfer options:

  • Single charge transfer

If you wish to transfer a single charge, click the 'Transfer' button next to it:

  • Multiple charge transfer

If you wish to transfer multiple charges, click 'Select multiple' (1)->select the charges you wish to transfer (they will highlight in green) (2)->click 'Transfer' (3).

  • Transfer of all charges

If you wish to transfer all charges, click 'Transfer all charges to.....'

Regardless which of the 3 options you choose, you will be presented with the following window:

The purpose of this window is to locate the folio to which you want to transfer and complete the action.

  • Suggestion (1) -the system will suggest locations by default. 
    • it will always suggest the same booking, giving you an option to open another folio in the same booking.
    • if a Company and/or Agent is selected in the booking, those profiles will be suggested.
  • Search (2) - you can search for other bookings or company/agent profiles
  • Folios (3) - once you've selected the booking or company/agent profile to which you want to transfer, the system will present to you the currently open folios at that location. 

Important: If you wish to transfer to one of the existing folios in that booking or company/agent profile, simply click on the blue button and the transfer will be completed.

  • Transfer to New Folio (4) - if you don't want to transfer to already existing folios in that booking or company/agent profile, you can click the blue 'Add folio' button and the charges will be transferred to a brand new folio in that booking or company/agent profile. Additionally, you can also apply a 'Name' to the new folio for better clarity on various screens.

Bulk transfer

Apart from being able to transfer from a single folio, you are also able to do mass/bulk transfers. This allows you to easily manage and operate with a group of bookings that will require a single invoice (e.g. Friends or Family that have booked several rooms; a group of bookings, etc.)

The most straightforward way to do the mass transfer is through the Advanced search - menu Booking->Advanced search.

  • use the filters of the advanced search to load the bookings in question.

Tip: Group bookings usually have the same 'Reference number'. Using that filter could be the easiest way to load them.

Additionally, you can easily load all bookings from a group by opening one of the bookings and clicking the '... more related bookings' link. To use this, all the bookings still need to have the same 'Reference number'.

  • select the bookings from the group - by clicking on each (it will highlight in green) or using the 'Select all' button.
  • click the 'Folios' button above the list of bookings and choose 'Transfer'.
  • On the Folio transfer screen, click the 'All charges here' button in the line of the booking where you desire to transfer the charges from the rest of the bookings here
  • In the pop-up, tick the checkboxes of the revenue groups containing the charges to be transferred
  • Click 'Transfer'

Company-Related Group Folios

With Clock PMS+ you can also easily manage and transfer charges of company-related bookings to a company folio. This will ease your work and processes so you can issue a single invoice for a group of company-related bookings. For example, your agreement with the company is to invoice them on a monthly basis for the previous month's arrivals.

To transfer charges from company-related bookings to a company folio:

  • navigate to the company profile page - menu Company->Search company->find the profile->click 'Open'
  • click the 'All folios and details' button

  • scroll down to the 'Open booking folios' section where such bookings will be visualized. Use the 'View' button to adjust which bookings to be presented.

  • once the bookings are loaded, click on the 'Move' button at which point ALL currently open folios in the Company profile will be offered. Simply click the one to which you want to transfer the charges.

  • the next pop-up will ask charges from which revenue groups to be transferred. After you select them. complete the transfer.

Note: You can also use the 'Select multiple' button to initiate a transfer for more than one booking.

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