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The next step when working with folios is to examine how payments are posted to them. Similar to charges, payments can also be registered in various currencies. In contrast to charges, however, a payment can be added not only to an open folio, but also to an already closed folio. Here we would like to draw your attention to all possible payment operations.

Payment Posting

A payment is registered in a folio, not only when you receive an amount, but also when you refund customers. The only difference is that when refunding customers, the payment amount registered will have a negative value. All payments are registered in the main folio, payments are not reflected in correction folios. Here is how to post a payment to a folio:

  • Find the folio;
  • For a booking or event folio, you can use the quick “Pay” button in the folio row;


  • Open the folio for review and select the “New Payment” button (4) from the “Payment” section;
  • Enter the payment amount (when registering a refund, the amount always has a negative value) and select a currency;
  • Select a payment method (1) ;


  • Depending on the settings of your system, you may need to select a payment subtype (2);
  • You can add a note to the payment in the form of a custom text (3). The note will be attached to the payment when reviewing the folio, the printout of the folio, and the payment reports.

Note: If you use an integrated payment processor for your card payments, you can see HERE how such payments are processed.

Important: The option to register a negative payment in the folio is controlled by the following PMS rights ->Payments: Add negative payment to Open folio and PMS->Payments: Add negative payment to Closed folio

Payment Voiding and Editing

In Clock PMS+, we take security very seriously when it comes to working with payments. For this reason, if you have made a mistake when registering a payment (a wrong amount, currency or even the payment is reflected in a wrong folio), you cannot correct the posted payment. You need to void the wrong payment and repost it in the proper manner. Here is how to do this:

  • Open the folio for review;
  • In the “Payment” section, you will find the wrong payment and select the “Void” button (7) in its row;
  • Enter the reason for the void and confirm the operation;

Note: The voided payments will be hidden and will not appear in the folio. You can see them by following the "Show voided payments" link (8) from the “Payment” section. In the payment reports, the void will be reflected as a payment with an opposite sign.

Note: The Edit feature (6) in the payment row only allows you to add a note to an already registered payment. In order to correct mistakes, use the payment void option.

Important: The Void feature is controlled by the following PMS right->Payments: Void payments.

Payment Transferring

With Clock PMS+ you can transfer the whole or part of the paid amount, registered in one folio, to another folio. Using the feature, you need to consider the following specifics:

  • When transferring a payment, the transferred amount is reflected in the Source folio as a negative payment of the “Transfer (internal)” type. As a description to the payment, info of the receiving folio is added;
  • In the receiving folio, a new payment of the “Transfer (internal)” type is registered, having an amount corresponding to the transferred amount. As a description to the payment, info of the source folio is added;
  • As a result of the operation, in the payment reports for the respective date, the movement for the  “Transfer (internal)” type will be zero. In the Receiving folio you will not have info on the original payment type, used for the initial registration of the amount.

Source folio

Receiving folio

Here is how to transfer payment between two folios:

  • Open the folio containing the posted payment for review ;
  • Click the “Transfer to…” (5) button from the “Payment” section;
  • The system will automatically suggest the available folios of the same booking/company/event. You have also the option  to search for a folio of another booking or company, or, alternatively, create a new folio where to transfer the payment;
  • Select the receiving folio by clicking it;
  • Specify what part of the amount will be transferred and click the "Transfer" button to confirm.

Important: To remove a wrong transfer between folios, it is necessary to void the “Transfer (internal)” payment both in the Source and the Receiving folio

Important: The payment transfer feature is controlled by the following PMS right->Payment: Transfer.

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