1. Payment Posting
  2. Payment Voiding
  3. Payment Error Corrections and 'Transferring'
  4. Using Deposits to Pay Charges
  5. Payment Tracking

Clock PMS+ is also an instrument for the management of payments providing you with multiple payment methods in various currencies. And still, it is very easy to record payments from guests, companies and non-residents.

Payment Posting

You can post payments on guest folios, as follows:

  • In the Rate and Folios section of a booking, click the Pay button in the line of a folio, OR:
  • Open a folio and click the New Payment button on the folio screen
  • Fill in at least the following fields: 'Value', 'Currency', 'Payment type'
  • You can add a description to each payment through the 'Text' field visible on the folio and in report.
  • Click 'Create Payment'

  • If you have a stored Credit Card in the reservation and you post a 'Card' type payment, the system will prompt you to delete the CC details afterwards. In order to keep the CC details, please make sure you deselect the 'Clear credit card data' button.
  • By adding a payment with a negative sign, you can register refunds paid to guests.

Payment Voiding

In Clock PMS+, if you have posted payment in error or it is on the wrong folio, or the payment type or amount is mistaken, you cannot change it, you need to void the payment. Payments on a folio are voided, as follows:

  • Click the Void button in the line of a payment to be voided
  • The voided payments will be hidden on the guest folio. You can see the voided payments on a folio by clicking the 'Show more voided payments' link.

Payment Error Corrections and 'Transferring'

Correction of Wrongly Added Payments 

In order to correct wrongly added payments, you have to void them and post the correct payments:

  • Void the mistaken payment on a folio (see how above)
  • Post a new payment with corrected parameters to the folio

Transfer of a Payment from One Folio to Another

  • In the source folio, click the 'Transfer to...' button and locate the folio to which you would like to transfer the payment. Complete the transfer.
  • This will create a negative payment in the source folio with value of the transferred amount ('In-house' transfer payment type).
  • In the destination folio, the same will happen, however, the payment will be with a positive sign.
  • If you make a wrong transfer, please make sure that the 'In-house transfer' payment is voided both in the source and destination folios.
  • Ideally, in your payment report, the In-house transfer should always be 0.

Using Deposits to Pay Charges

Charges on guests' folios can be paid from the deposits registered in the system as well:

  • Open a folio
  • Click the 'Get Deposit from...' button in the Payment section
  • Select a deposit folio from the booking, if available, or from another booking or company
  • In the pop-up, enter the amount to be transferred
  • Click the Transfer button

Payment Tracking

In the 'Payments Report', you can track the payments made within a certain date range:

  • In the navigation bar, click 'Control'
  • Select 'Payments Report'
  • Choose the date range in the 'From Date' and 'To Date' fields
  • Specify a payment type used
  • Select a user
Note: Leaving the Payment type field blank will return all payments posted by a user within the date range. Leaving the User field blank will list the payments posted by all users for the payment type chosen.