Charging a service to a guest folio requires several fields to be filled each time: Service date, Charge text, Price and Currency, Tax%, Revenue group, etc.

To speed up the charging process and to eliminate the errors you can set up Charge templates. With a charge template all data except the service date can be defined in advance. Then a service can be charged to a folio with just one click.

If any required fields are missing in the charge template, the user will be prompted to fill them during charging. This can be useful for charges with flexible prices, like phone charges, restaurant bills, etc. For such charges leave the price empty and fill the rest of the fields.

Create and Edit charges

  • In the main menu select 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Charge templates'
  • Select 'New' or 'Edit'.
  • Text. Required. This is the text of the charge, i.e. how charges will appear in your reports.
  • Revenue group. This is a required field.
  • Revenue category. Optional, though recommended for detailed reporting.
  • Template group. Optional. It can be used to group charge templates for your convenience. For example, group all charge templates from the SPA department in one group. To charge a service from this group, first select 'SPA' and a list of all SPA charge templates will appear. Enter the text of a new group or select an existing one from the list. You can leave this one blank when creating a Charge Template for your Rates.
  • Price and Currency. These are required fields and will be requested every time when posting the charge if left blank. If you are creating the Charge template for the purpose of using it in a Rate, you can leave these fields blank as the price is taken from the Rate itself.
  • Quantity. You can set a quantity to be charged when it is important for the charges posted, e.g. minibar articles or newspapers. For the purposes of better reporting, it's always recommended to use quantities.
  • Tax. Enter the tax percentage here. This is a required field and cannot be left blank.
  • Tax Code. If the Tax (GST, VAT etc.) requires separate reporting, you can use the Tax Code field. This will add an additional column to your tax report as well as to the tax table of the Folios.
  • Print Text. This text will be shown on guest folios. If empty, the value from the "Text" field will be used.
  • Capacity counters and Inventory codes. These options allow you to set a daily availability by linking a capacity counter to the charge template. More about this you can find here.
  • Housekeeping Template. It allows you to attach Housekeeping schemes to specific charge templates. For instance, a "Box of Chocolates" charge template would require someone to bring them to the room. You can automate this via the Housekeeping module.
  • Hide on the posting screen. Use this option to hide the charge template from the posting screen. This is necessary for all the Rate-related charge templates.
  • Archive / Not in use. The checkbox allows you to archive the Charge Template. If selected, the charge template will no longer be offered in the folios or in the settings of the rates/rates packages.
  • Floating price. This checkbox prompts users to input a price every time this charge template is selected. Use this checkbox for Charge templates with varying prices, e.g. Damage fee.
  • Save. Done.

Tip: You can set which charge templates to appear in the Daily charges section of the booking screen for fast selection and charging on a daily basis for the booking period. Simply go to 'Other' – 'Settings' – 'Charge Templates' and click the Edit button in the charge templates section to select which templates to appear on the booking screen.

Room Type Auto-Charge Templates

With this feature, you can set and automate the one-time or daily posting of given charges depending on the booking room type. Here is how:

  • First, set up the necessary charge templates by going to 'Settings' - 'Charge Template'.
  • In the 'Room Type auto-charge templates' section on the Charge Template screen, click the Edit button next to each room type and select which charges to be automatically posted. You can also define whether an auto-charge template to be a one-time or daily one.

Now depending on the room type of the created booking, the selected charge templates are automatically added to the Daily Charges section of the booking.

  • Room type auto-charge templates are not visible on the new booking screen. These charges will automatically be added AFTER the booking saving.
  • You can easily remove any of these templates at a later stage by simply unticking its checkbox in the Daily Charges section of the booking.
  • 'Room type auto-charge templates' are automatically posted regardless of where a booking is created: WRS, channel manager, based on an enquiry, file import or from the API.


You can upload one or more images for a charge template. The uploaded image(s) be shown in the WRS and the Self Service Portal (provided the extra services are enabled in it) with the charge template publishing as an extra service. The max image size is 6MB.