If your hotel provides food to your guests, you can set the meals offered. It is not necessary to set meals if you offer only breakfast and it is always included in the price.

Meal information is useful in the following cases:

  • When selected in the booking, meals help for the easier choice of a suitable rate.
  • Selected in the booking, they are included in the report for the purposes of planning the meals (Meal Report).


It is necessary to set as many individual meals as you offer. For example: 'Breakfast', 'Lunch', 'Dinner'. Clock PMS+ also offers management of somewhat non-standard meals such as 'Lunch packet', 'Restaurant outside the hotel', etc. You can read more on the topic below.

In order to set the meals:

  • From the navigation bar select 'Other' - 'Settings'
  • Choose 'Meal'
  • In order to add a new meal, select 'New'
  • Enter the name of the meal
  • In the 'Order' field type in the daily order of meals. For example: For 'Breakfast' enter 1, for 'Lunch' - 2, for 'Dinner' - 3. See below for the importance of this enumeration.
  • Click on 'First meal' for the first meal guests will have on the day of their arrival. Usually, it is 'Dinner”. By this and the next field, it is determined which meals to be included in the report for the day of arrival and which ones to be in the report for the day of departure. The meal marked to be the first one and these having a greater order number will be included for the day of arrival, and the ones having a lesser order number for the day of departure.
  • Choose if a meal is standard or not. See below for more details

Standard Meals

  • Open the Edit screen of a certain booking.
  • In the 'Booking' section, you will find a checkbox for standard meals (Group "Meal"). Checking this will denote the food plan for the whole stay of a guest.
  • After choosing the meals, the rates in the Rate field will be re-arranged. For your convenience, the rates corresponding to the chosen Room Type and the selected meals will be separately specified in the 'Match booking'. All of the rest of the rates will be in the section 'Other'.
  • In order to set the meals to be contained in a certain rate, see the article: Rate Plans

Non-Standard Meals

The Meal Report may also give you information on the meals offered by you or partners of yours as an exception. Such meals, for example, are the lunch packet provided to tourists during excursions or the meals at restaurants outside the hotel in similar situations.

You may mark such meals as non-standard (uncheck the 'Standard' checkbox).

In order to mark that a given booking is with non-standard meals, open the booking and click on the Edit button. In the section 'Meal':

  • Add 'Non-standard meal date', clicking on 'Add non-standard meal date'
  • Fill in the date, tick the checkbox of the non-standard meal and enter the number of adults and children.
  • As the parameter defined is valid for the whole date, it is necessary to also mark the standard meals for this date if any.

!Remember: The addition of 'Non-standard meal date' sets a new parameter for the meals for this date. If you add 'Non-standard meal date' and do not choose anything, this means that there are no meals for this date.

In the same section, you can also change the first meal for a certain booking. It will re-arrange the meals for the date of arrival and departure only for the meal report concerning the given booking.

If your hotel has multiple eating areas, in the booking you can also choose which of your restaurants the guests under this booking will dine. Through this selection, the Meal Report will provide you with more detailed information for planning purposes.

Meal Report

The Meal Report provides information for the purposes of planning the meals for a certain date.

You can run the report for a certain period, providing individual information for each date.

In order to have accurate information for planning purposes, the number of adults and children and the respective meals (as well as the non-standard ones, if any) is to be entered in each booking.

Tip: You can use the Meal Summary Report to view the summary information on meals for a certain period.