In Clock PMS+, you can define and manage package rates. These rates include room charges for a guest's stay and charges for extra services used. On the WBE, your client sees a package rate for staying at your hotel and using the package included services. Still, Clock PMS+ provides you with a detailed breakdown of the elements included in the package rate for various management purposes.

Creating and Editing Rate Packages and Package Elements

  • Go to 'Settings' – 'Rate Packages' and click the 'New' button
  • Click the 'Add' button in the 'Package Elements' section and enter:
    • Charge template - select the charge template that will be used for the package element.
    • Per Guest - how the charge template will be calculated (per room, per guest, per adult or per child).
    • Guests by default - If the elements are 'Per Guest', set a default value for guests. This default value will be used if no information of Adults/Children is present in the booking.
    • On particular nights only - the package elements will be calculated for the specific night of the booking stay ( Example: 1,3,5 ).
    • Offset days - Shift the charge with a given number of days. Set to '-1' to post the charge on the previous date or '1' to post on the next date.
    • Price (different from the template) - if selected will override the price of the charge template for this package only.
    • Percent - if selected will override the price of the charge template with a % amount based on the rate total price for this package only.
Note: You cannot use both Price and Percent together. Either the Price only, or the Percent only can be active for the element.
  • You can also use:
    • QTY override - if selected, it will override the charge template value for this package only.
    • Hide in folio printouts (the rate print text will be used) - if selected, it will change the charge template print text with the one of the rate's charge template.
    • Click 'Save'
Note: The added package elements do not increase the initial value of a rate, but now the value of the room charge is the remaining amount of the rate after deducting the sum of the package elements' values (as percent values are calculated based on the initial rate price and do not depend on the value and order of adding the other elements). If the sum of the package elements is higher than the initial rate value, the room charge for this rate on guests' folios will have a negative value.

Adding, Editing or Removing Rate Packages or Package Elements

In a few clicks, all rate packages can easily be added, edited or removed from a rate:

  • Find the rate you need on the Rate search screen.
  • Select Edit/Tags (from the dropdown menu next to the rate).
  • In the 'Rate package' field, select the respective package. Save.
  • Repeat the last steps with the rates having the same package.
  • If you need to delete a package, you can do it from the edit screen of the package, but, first, make sure it is not used by any rate.
  • On the package screen, you can also remove or make changes to the package elements using the 'Remove' or 'Edit' buttons next to the package element.