Capacity Counters

Use capacity counters to spread the restrictions on sales of extra services of limited availability to all modules of Clock PMS+. Apart from the Rate Availability Screen, these limitations are also reflected in the Web Reservation System, the Channel Manager, the Upsell Module, as well as in the API.

Note: Before starting the setup, switch to the Old version for the charge template settings. From the navigation, go to  'Settings' - 'Charge templates' and click on the "Old version" button from the top right hand corner.


  • Go to 'Settings' – 'Charge Templates' and open the Edit screen of the respective charge template you need to create a capacity counter for.
  • Click the New button next to the Capacity counter field.
  • In the pop-up window, enter the name and desired capacity for the new counter. Save.
  • The newly created capacity counter is assigned to the charge template. Now it can also be selected for other charge templates through the Capacity counter field drop-down menu on their Edit screens.

You can set and control the daily availability of the Capacity Counters by using the "Capacity Counters by date" functionality (located in the "Capacity counter" section of the "Charge templates" screen). It allows you to view and edit the daily availability of the Capacity Counters you have created.

  • Sell one and the same availability at different prices
    The counters define the daily capacity. One counter can be linked to multiple different charge templates or rate package elements. This way several charge templates can draw from a common capacity. For example, you can define one counter "Parking Lot" and assign it to multiple charge templates to sell your parking spaces at different prices such as "Car Parking Space", "Bus Parking Space", "VIP Parking Space", etc.
  • Different capacity counters for individual package elements
    You can assign a capacity counter to any package element. Different counters can also be used for individual package elements, e.g. one counter for the breakfast and a different one for the SPA. The availability of such a package will be the lesser one of the two elements. In other words, if you have 20 available breakfasts and 10 spa procedures, the whole package availability will be 10. If you wish to control the number of sold packages for the purposes of the revenue management, you can add an additional element to the package at a zero price whose availability to track.