Clock PMS+ can maintain multiple languages letting you provide contents to your guests in their native language.

In order to add a new language to your system:

  • Choose 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Languages and Texts'
  • Click on 'New'
  • Choose the language from the list and confirm.
  • If you want this to be the default language to be used when no other language is selected, click on the Default button below.

Clock PMS+ maintains full localization of all your clients see or receive: WRS; Self-Service Portal; the form of the folio/invoice to be printed out; booking confirmation e-mails, as well as pre-arrival and post-departure e-mails.

The localization consists of two main parts: Data localization and Label localization.

Data localization.

You have to select a translation (description) of your Clock PMS+ settings. For example, the descriptions in the various languages concerning your hotel and guarantee policy, the names and descriptions of the rooms types, the names and descriptions of the rates, etc.

  • Choose 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Languages and Texts'
  • Next to the language preferred, select the respective group of texts and descriptions.
  • Fill in the desired texts and descriptions
  • 'Save'

Label localization

All labels are localized in the main system languages of Clock PMS+. These are the languages in which the whole user interface operates (you can check them out in the User edit screen – Language field).

If your language is not among the system languages maintained by Clock PMS+, you have the option to translate on your own all the screen labels which are viewed by your guests.

  • Choose 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Languages and Texts'
  • Next to the language preferred, select 'Advanced Labels/Translations'
  • Fill in the translation of the respective words.
  • Save

Test the respective function (e-mail, WRS, WRS, Self Service Portal), in order to make sure that everything is correctly translated. Please contact our help desk team, if you have any queries regarding the meaning of specific words.