Single Document for Several Bookings

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Apart from a separate document for each booking, Clock PMS+ allows you to issue a common document for several bookings. The operation has two steps:

Transfer of Services

Before issuing the document, it is necessary to summarise the services of all bookings in one folio:

  • Load the list of bookings on one of the operating screens or use the Advanced Search screen;
  • Switch to the mode of working with multiple bookings (the 'Select Multiple' button refers only to the operating screens) and select the bookings;
  • Click Folios->Transfer button;
  • On the Transfer screen, select the folio to summarise the services and click the 'All charges here' button in its row;
  • Select which services to be transferred by ticking the checkboxes of the respective revenue groups and confirm through the 'Transfer' button;

Upon the transfer completion, you will see the up-to-date balances of the processed folios on the screen. 

Learn more about bulk transfer.

Document Issue

Upon summarising the booking services into one folio, you can proceed with the document issue:

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