Revenue Recognition in Clock PMS+

Modified on: Wed, 5 Oct, 2022 at 7:43 AM


Depending on how your accounting department works, you can get two different sets of revenue reports in Clock PMS+:

  • Charges reports
  • Closed folios reports

Charges reports

The charge reports work on the principle of day-by-day revenue recognition. For example: nights from 1st January are recognized as revenue for 1st January. Find more details in How does Clock PMS+ revenue system work?

Charges reports that follow this principle are:

  • Charge Summary Report
  • Charge Segmentation Report
  • Occupancy and Charges Report
  • Charge Control Report

Closed folios report

The closed folios reports can be used by companies that follow a document based revenue recognition principle. In this accounting model, the revenue is recognized when the invoice for the respective services is issued. For example: the revenue for 1st January is made up of the services invoiced on 1st January.

The reports following this principle are:

  • Closed Folios Report
  • Closed Folios Summary Report
  • Tax Report

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