Creating and Assigning ToDo's

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Types of To-Dos

Generally, there are two types of To-Dos that you can create:

  • Standalone To-Dos - these are To-Dos that are not linked to any object in Clock PMS+ (booking, event, company, etc.). These To-Dos can be related to a general task that somebody needs to take care of or be a simple reminder.

  • Linked To-Dos - these are To-Dos that are associated with a certain object in the system. These objects are: booking, folio, booking enquiry, company profile, event, catering activity within an event, and meeting room booking within an event. Such To-Dos contain a link that will navigate you to the respective object.

Creating To-Dos

There are different paths to create a To-Do, depending on if you want to create a Standalone or Linked To-Do.

Creating Standalone To-Do

To create a Standalone To-Do:

  • navigate to the Dashboard (home screen)
  • have the Large To-Do widget activated
  • use the '+' button to create start creating a To-Do

  • alternatively, you can also create Standalone To-Dos through the To-Do archive - menu Other Functionalities-> To-Do.

Creating Linked To-Do

To create a linked To-Do:

  • navigate to the object for which you want to create a To-Do
  • scroll to the To-Do section and  click '+Add'. Below is an example image of the To-Do section in a booking. You will find the same section in the other objects: folio, company profile, event, meeting room booking in an event, catering in an event, booking enquiry.

To-Do details

Regardless of what type of To-Do you are creating, the details that you can enter are the same:

  • Priority/Urgent (1) - select if this To-Do should be considered as 'urgent'. Such To-Dos will be listed at the top of the To-Do list.

  • Text (2) - enter the text of the To-Do.
  • Date (3) - enter the date on which the To-Do will show up on the Dashboard (home page). 

Note: To-Dos will be visible from the moment of creation in the object they are linked to (booking, company profile, etc.).

  • Assign To (4) - select if this To-Do should be assigned to a specific user (optional). Please note that if you want to assign both a user and channel (channel is always required), the user must have access to the respective Channel.
  • Channel (5) - select the To-Do channel for this To-Do.

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