Our Slovenian fiscal policy interface is fully compatible with ZDavPR via both of our solutions (Clock PMS+ and Clock POS).

Please contact our support agents to activate the Slovenian fiscal policy interface for your subscription.

A three-step activation process:

1. Get a digital certificate from eDavki;

2. Ask Clock Software support team to activate the Slovenian fiscalization policy for the accounts that should be fiscally compliant;

3. Add the fiscalization details to our accounts (PMS+/POS);

STEP 1. Visit the eDavki web portal and follow the steps to have your digital certificate (DPR-PridobitevDP form) issued. 

STEP 2. Contact Clock Software support team at clockpm@clock-hs.com and request the activation of the Slovenian fiscal policy interface for the accounts that have to be fiscally compliant.

STEP 3. Upload your certificate and activate the business premise for your accounts (Clock PMS+/Clock POS).

STEP 4. Adding operator personal tax number (OPTIONAL).

3.1. For Clock PMS+, open 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Fiscalization' - 'Edit fiscal policy settings'.

       For Clock POS, open 'Management' - 'Fiscalization' - 'Edit fiscal policy settings'.

Fill your certificate passphrase and select your certificate. Please note that it needs to be in .p12 format. 

Then press "Next".

3.2. Business premise activation.

Fill your business premise information that should be sent to eDavka. (All fields with * are required). 

The information from the field "City" will be shown on the printable sources (receipts, invoices, etc).

On the additional settings part you have to choose which documents will be fiscalized, all of the fiscal documents need to have tick.

Then press "Activate/Reactivate".

If the filled information is correct, your certificate status should look like the following screen:

4. Adding operator tax number, which is optional and is required for persons who own a Slovenian tax number.

From Other -> Settings -> Users -> Edit Account -> Integrations setting -> Fiscal code - can be filled the operator tax number that needs to be 8 symbols (numbers only). The operator tax number is personal data also considered as a tax secret so not showing in the print templates/invoices.

Function guide article.