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Upon examining how to register charges in folios and the options for their correction, now we will pay more attention to the 'Split Charges' feature. It allows you to quickly split the charges among several open folios in a booking, company or event. The feature is very useful, if you have to split a joint room bill equally among friends, staying in this room, as well as in many other situations.

How the Split Function Works

As a result of the Split function, the service quantities are distributed among the folios, included in the split. The quantities for each folio are calculated depending on the selected split method.

Split of Charges

To split the charges of a folio, you need to first access it. Find the folio and open it for review:

  • Select the charges you would like to split;
  • Click the 'Split' button in the dropdown menu 

The first step before proceeding with the split of charges is the selection of the folios among which the charges will be split.

  • To select the folio, follow the steps described in  How to Choose a Corresponding Folio ;
  • Upon the selection of the receiving folio in the 'Folio' (1) field, use the 'Add to split list' (2) button to add it to the list of folios among which the charge split will be performed;
  • Repeat the steps and add as many folios to the list as the number of parts to which you would like to split the charges;
  • After preparing the list, proceed through the ">" (3) button in the upper right corner.

Split Methods

At the next step you need to select the method to be used for splitting the charges. Two options are supported:

Split equally

With this method, the selected charges are equally split among the folios, added to the list.

Split by percentage

This method allows you to determine the ratio as per which the charge split is to be performed. To this end, in each receiving folio, enter the percentage to be allocated. The remainder in the source folio is automatically calculated, so that the sum of the allocated percentages is to always be  100.

Upon the selection of the split method, confirm the operation through the 'Split' (4) button.

A confirmation message about the successful split will appear on the screen.  You will also see a list of all receiving folios, as you may access any of them by simply clicking it.

Important: The “Split Charges” feature is controlled by the PMS right->Charges: Transfer.

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