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Upon examining how to register charges in folios and the options for their correction, now we will pay more attention to the 'Split Charges' feature. It allows you to quickly split the charges among several open folios in a booking, company or event. The feature is very useful, if you have to split a joint room bill equally among friends, staying in this room, as well as in many other situations.

Booking folio

To divide the charges of the booking folio, follow the steps:

  • Open the booking for review;
  • Click the 'Split Charges' button in the 'Rate and Folios' section;
  • Through the 'Add Folio' button (4), create a new folio to which to move part of the charges. 

You can add as many folios as you need for the split. In our example, we will make the split between two folios . 

The feature provides three different options of splitting, as well as an option for moving the charges from one folio to another one. Before performing any of the operations, in the Source folio you need to select the rows with the respective charges to which to apply the operation to. At your disposal, you also have a quick 'Select All' button (5), through which you can select all rows of the Source folio.

Here is how each of the operations works:

Move selected here

To use the feature simply click the 'Move selected here' button (6) under the number of the Receiving folio, to which you would like to move the selected rows of the Source folio. The result is that the selected rows will be moved to the Receiving folio.

Split equally (1)

Use this option in the cases in which you want the charges to be split equally among the selected folios. The only thing you need to do upon choosing a feature is to tick the checkboxes of the folios among which the split of the selected charges is to be done.

As a result of the split, the quantities of the selected rows will be split equally among the selected folios.

Split by percent (2)

In contrast to the previous option, here you have an option to specify in what ratio the quantities of the selected rows are to be distributed. For each of the folios, enter the percentage that is to be moved (also including for the Source folio). The amount of the distributed percentages is to be 100. 

The result of the split will be proportionate split of the selected charges depending on the percentage specified in each folio.

Balanced split (3)

With this option, the quantities of the selected charges are not split, but values are set aside. As a result of the split, in the Receiving folio the amount set aside is reflected as a charge with a negative value, and in the Receiving folio an analogous charge with a positive value is added. Upon choosing the option fill in the fields:

  • In the row of the Receiving folio, enter the percentage that is to be set aside;
  • Select the Detail level (7) of the charges to be created as a result of the split. Here we have three options: 
  • Details (Charge by Charge) ;
  • Grouped (grouped by Text, Revenue group/category, Tax rate);
  • Summary (grouped by Revenue group/category, Tax rate);

Regardless of which of the three options you choose, the new charges will be reflected with quantity 1.

  • Additional text (8) - enter an explanatory text to be added to the charges, arising from the split. This way it will be easier to distinguish them from the original charges.
  • Confirm through the 'Split' button.

Example: Here are the cases in which the Balanced split can be useful. If you have the practice of accepting advance payments for bookings, e.g. 30% of their value that is not refundable. You can use the option to set aside this amount in a separate folio and then invoice it. As a result, in the booking folio only the remaining amount to be paid will stay.

Company folios

To apply the charge split options to a company folio, follow these steps:

  • Find the company and open it for review. Use the navigation menu Company->Search Company;
  • Move to the Folios section->Open Folios;
  • Select the 'Split Charges' button.

On the charge split screen, you will see all open company folios, and you can add new ones in case you need to. Use the split options in the way that we have described in relation to the booking folio.

Event folios

To use the “Split Charges” feature for an event folio, follow these steps:

  • Find the event and open it for review. To do so, from the navigation bar, select Event->Search Event;
  • Move to the 'Folios' section and click the 'Split Charges' button.

Apply the split features in the already described way.

Important: The “Split Charges” feature is controlled by the PMS right->Charges: Transfer.

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