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The Charge transfer feature in Clock PMS+ allows you to transfer charges from a Clock POS bill to a Clock PMS+ booking folio or a Company folio.


In order to be able to use the feature, you will first need to complete the following steps:

1. Log in to the Clock PMS+ account to which you would like to transfer the charges and go to the 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Allow charge transfers' menu, then select the Clock POS account and save.

If you would like to be able to search by guest names when transferring bills, please select the 'Allow transfer by guest's name' option at the bottom of the page and save.

2. The booking to which the bill will be transferred:

  • Needs to have the 'Charge transfer' option enabled (it is enabled by default). You can change this option by editing the booking;
  • Has to be 'Checked in';
  • Has to have a period of stay including the current calendar date;

3. You will need to enable the 'Accept charge transfers' option enabled for the company profiles (it is not enabled by default). You can change this option by editing the company profile

4. The user that is transferring the bill needs to:

  • Have access to the Clock POS account (there is no need for access to the Clock PMS account)
  • To have the user right 'Cross Account Transfer' granted


Open the desired bill in Clock POS and click on the 'Order / Settle' button at the top of the page, then:

  • Click the 'Select room' or the 'Select Company' button to indicate, if the bill is to be transferred to a room or a company;

  • Select the desired Hotel;
  • If transferring a bill to a room, you search for and select it from a dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can search for a guest by their name, email or phone (if the 'Allow transfer by guest's name' option enabled);
  • If transferring to a company, you search for and select it from a dropdown menu. Then you can select select an open folio or add a new one. 
  • At this point, the bill is connected to the Folio but still not transferred. Therefore the bill is still active In Clock POS and you are able to add more charges to it or void it.
  • If the wrong room or company is selected, you are able to deselect it by clicking light blue button showing the guest or company name and then - 'Detach'.
  • You can use the 'Sign' button before transferring the bill and ask the guest to sign it. The signature will be transferred along with the items
  • Using the above mentioned light blue button showing the guest or company name, you can proceed to the bill transfer completion. Simply click the 'Transfer'  button and the bill will automatically be  closed in Clock POS using a  'Cross-account transfer' payment type for the bill's full amount.

Note: Charges transferred to Clock PMS+ preserve their Clock POS Revenue Groups and Revenue Categories.

For charges transferred to Clock PMS+, the respective folio shows a link to the source Clock POS bill, as shown below:

The Clock PMS+ user does not need to have access to Clock POS to view the bill from the folio.

If the bill is transferred to a wrong folio, you can cancel the transfer. This transfer cancellation is only possible, if the booking or company folio is still opened in Clock PMS+.

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