1. Posting Charges for Services and Merchandise
  2. Charge Corrections
  3. Charge Voiding
  4. Charge Control

With Clock PMS+, it is very easy to handle charges on guest folios, performing all the needed operations during a guest's stay.

Posting Charges for Services and Merchandise

In Clock PMS+, the charge posting process is really easy and quick through the use of charge templates set up in advance for particular services:

  • Click the Charge button in the line of the guest's folio, OR:
  • Open the folio and click the Charge button on the Folio screen
  • On the Charge screen, select a charge template to post the charge for a particular service or merchandise
  • Charge templates can be divided into groups. For each group, there is a button on the Charge screen. To access the ones without a group, click the No Group button. For more info on charge templates, see Charge templates.

Use the buttons above the charge templates to specify the service date(s) and quantities:

  • 'Today' – selected by default on the Charge screen.
  • 'Other Date' – used for selecting another service date.
  • 'Nights' – used for selecting multiple service dates during a guest's stay.
  • 'Quantity' field - a quick field to enter a quantity.

You can also charge extra services manually in the Rate and Folios section of a booking screen:

  • Click the Charge button in the line of a folio, OR:
  • Open a folio and click the Charge button on the Folio screen
  • Click the Manual Charge button. In the Manual Charge pop-up, fill in at least:
    • Price and Currency. Charges for different extra services can be posted in different currencies.
    • Text and Revenue group fields
  • Click 'Add Charge'

Similarly to the charge posting through charge templates, you can specify the service date(s) and quantities.


  • You can set a quantity to be charged when it is important for the charges posted. Such charges are: the ones for minibar articles or newspapers.
  • Through the Charge Summary Report, you can receive information on the quantities sold. And this information can be used for the purposes of planning future periods.

Charge posting to multiple bookings simultaneously

You can post charges to multiple bookings at once. To do so:

  • Access any of the following screens: Arrivals, Departures, In Hotel, Search and Advanced Search
  • Click 'Select Multiple'
  • Select one or multiple bookings
  • In the panel above the list, click the 'Folios' dropdown menu to select 'Charge'
  • On the right side of the screen, you can see the selected folios. Still, you can deselect bookings or add new ones to the selection. Then you can post charges to the selected folios (the ones with marked checkboxes).

Charge Corrections

Even posted, mistaken charges can be corrected in Clock PMS+:

  • Click the Edit button next to the line of the charge to be corrected OR
  • Use the Select Multiple button to select multiple charges and click the Edit button above the charges
  • In the pop-up, make the desired changes in the relevant fields and click 'Update Charge'
Note: The Revenue group of a posted charge cannot be changed in the edit mode.

Charge Voiding

In a click, you can void mistaken charges on guest folios:

  • Open the guest folio containing the mistaken charge
  • Click the Void button next to the line of the charge to be voided OR
  • Use the Select Multiple button to select multiple charges and click the Void button above the charges
  • You will be prompted to enter a reason for the void of the charges in the form of a free text

Note: Voided charges will not be visible on guests' invoices. Still, you can see the voided charges on open folios by clicking 'Show more voided charges' under the Charges section.

Charge Control

In order to have control overcharge posting, corrections and voiding, Clock PMS+ enables you to track the posting, corrections and voiding of charges through the Charge Control Report.

You can see the Charge Control Report for a folio by opening the report from the folio screen:

  • Open the specific folio
  • Click the Charge Control Report link at the end of the folio screen
  • It is also possible to see the changes made to a specific charge clicking the Changes button in the line of the charge.

To see the Charge Control Report on all charges on guest folios within a certain date range:

  • Click 'Control' in the navigation bar and select 'Charge Control Report'
  • Choose the Report type:
    • 'Revenue dates' - for showing the charges referring to the date range set based on its revenue date. Use this report type to cross-reference the report with the Charge Summary Report or other charge reports within the date range set. 
    • 'Version date' - for showing all charges and changes to them made within the date range set, regardless of the revenue date of the charges
    • 'Service Date' - for showing all charges and changes to them based on their Service Date.
      Find more info on Service and Revenue dates from our support article:
       How does Clock PMS+ revenue system work?
  • Set the date range
  • In the 'Type of change' field, select the changes to be shown: 'All', 'Negative' or 'Positive'
  • You can choose a specific revenue group and category
  • Click 'View'

Thе Charge Control Report contains all the charges posted, edited or voided within a certain date range, as each charge operation is presented in a separate line. All voided charges will be showed with their reason to be voided.