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As we have already mentioned, the main purpose of standard folios is to be used for reflecting the goods and services used by customers. Now we will examine the options for the processing of charges in open folios.

Posting Charges for Services and Merchandise

In Clock PMS+, the charge posting process is really easy and quick through the use of charge templates set up in advance for particular services. To register a charge in a folio, you will first need to access it. We have already pointed out that the easiest way to find it is through its Payer (booking, company, event). Regardless of the type of payer, the steps to register a charge are one and the same:

You can use the quick 'Charge' button in the folio's row. If it is missing, open the folio through the "Open" button and select the Add Charge button  from the 'Charges' section;

  • On the posting screen you will see template groups depending on your settings. Each of them is presented in the form of a button. Click it to open the charge templates in the respective group. The 'No group' button (1)  summarises all templates for which there is no group selected during their configuration.
  • Click the template that you would like to use to post the charge. If the template has all necessary attributes configured, the charge will be posted to the folio. You will see the new charge on the right side of the screen.
  • If for the specific charge template, any of the required attributes is missing a value, e.g. Price, a screen will open prompting you to enter the missing values. When ready with the above steps, confirm the charge through the "Save" button.
  • To return to the template groups, use the 'Main Menu' button (3).

Before registering a charge, you can use the buttons over the charge templates to specify a date(s) for the service and quantities to be charged:

  • Today (4) – selected by default on the Charge screen. If you don't change your selection, the services will be charged for the current day.
  • Other Date (5) – used for selecting another service date.
  • Dates (6) – used for the selection of several dates on which the service to be charged. The selection is limited within the period of the event (available for booking and event folios only). 
  • Quantity (7) field - a quick field to enter a quantity, by default the selected value is 1.

'Manual Charge' button (2) - allows the manual charging of extra services without being necessary to have predefined templates. The required fields to be filled in are:

  • Price and Currency. Charges for different extra services can be posted in different currencies.
  • Charge Text - charge text of the charge to be added to the folio and accounted folio in the reports;
  • Revenue group - select from the available revenue groups;
  • Confirm the charge through the 'Save' button.

Important: Manual Charge for services is restricted by the following right Folios->Charges – Custom Charge Posting. We strongly recommend you to always use predefined charge templates. This way you will make sure that the fields that are important for your reporting will always be correctly filled in.

Charge posting to multiple bookings simultaneously

Apart from charging services from a specific folio, you have the option to post charges for several bookings at a time. To do so:

  • Find the bookings, use one of of the following screens: Arrivals, Departures, In Hotel, Search and Advanced Search (available from the navigation menu);
  • To select several bookings, click 'Select Multiple'. Select the desired bookings;
  • From the functional buttons over the booking list, select the Folios>Charge button;
  • A familiar screen will load - 'Charge'. On the right side of the screen, you can see the selected folios. Still, you can deselect bookings . Then you can post charges to the selected folios in the manner described above (the ones with marked checkboxes).

Charge Corrections

Even posted, mistaken charges can be corrected, while the folio is still open. To make changes, find the folio and open it for review. Scroll down to the 'Charges' section of the folio and follow the steps: 

  • From the list, find the wrong charge and select the 'Edit' (8) button in its row;
  • Reflect the necessary changes and 'Save';


  • Use the 'Select Multiple' (10) button to select multiple charges from the folio and then click the 'Edit' button over the charge list;
  • To unlock the fields for edit, tick the checkbox of the field you would like to correct.
  • Make the necessary changes and confirm through the 'Save' button.
Note: The Revenue group of a posted charge cannot be changed in the edit mode.

Charge Voiding

In a click, you can void mistaken charges on guest folios provided that they are still open. Find and open the folio for review. Scroll down to the 'Charges' section of the folio and follow the steps:

  • From the list, find the wrong charge and click the 'Void' (9) button in its row;


  • Use the 'Select Multiple'(10) button to select several charges and click the Void button over the charge list.

Enter a void reason in the form of a custom text and confirm the operation.

Note: Voided charges will not be visible on guests' invoices. Still, you can see the voided charges on open folios by clicking 'Show voided charges' that is located under the valid charges in the folio.

Important: The charge edit and void operations are controlled by the following right PMS->Charges: Edit and Void.

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