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Important: All features require to have the Accept charge transfers option enabled in the company profile.

Functions 'Transfer to default Company/Agent folio'

When working with companies or agents it is quite common that you may need to transfer the rate charges from the bookings to a company folio. This might be due to the invoicing arrangement you have with them (e.g. Invoice all the arrivals from the past month) or other reasons.

This function allows you to save time by having the system automatically transfer the rate charges to the company/agent profile during booking creation.

Important: This function only works during booking creation. Nothing will happen if used when editing an existing booking.

Charge transfer

Currently, if this function is used, the rate charges will be transferred to the 'oldest' open folio available in the company profile.

However, as the 'oldest' open folio changes dynamically, it might cause difficulties when auditing. 

In order to tackle that, you can select a 'default' folio in the company profile settings to which all these charges will be transferred. To select it, access and edit the profile of the company and in the 'Default folio' field select an already existing folio from the profile.

Please note that once selected, best practice is not to close the default folio. Rather use it as a 'routing' hub - charges from bookings are always transferred there and from there you can transfer to the specific folio (e.g. for last month arrivals) which will be invoiced.

Functions 'Split by Company' and 'Split by Agent'

In order to better organize the receivable accounts of Tour Operators, Agents and Companies, we have created a special type of transfer from the bookings - 'Split by Company' and 'Split by Agent'.  Unlike the 'Transfer to default Company/Agent folio' functionality which transfers the charges to a single Company/Agent folio, with this type of transfer you have more control over where the charges are transferred to. This approach keeps the charges as long as possible in the booking where they can be easily found and audited. 

The transfer itself is done automatically with the booking check-out. For a greater flexibility, you also have the option to manually initiate the transfer before the bookings are marked as departed.  

How it works

  • When you create the bookings, you can select a company profile and one of the 'Split by Agent' or 'Split by Company'options (1) (depending on the company's role in the booking). After saving the booking, two folios will be created - one for the Agent/Company with the rate charges and a second folio for the charges of the booking itself.

  • Create folios in the Company's profile based on how you are going to invoice the bookings, e.g. by Arrivals, Promotions, Markets, etc., 
  • In the booking's 'Checkout transfer folio' field (2), you can choose from all open folios of the Company/Agent selected in the booking except deposit and correction folios. Here you should select the folio to which the charges of the bookings are to be transferred after their checkout.

  • To select a field value for multiple bookings, use the Booking Advanced Search. Find the bookings and select the ones to which you wish to transfer their charges across the Company's folios. Use the Bulk Update feature to set the Transfer Folio for the selected bookings, button Folio->Checkout transfer folio. By default, the list will offer the first company selected in the booking from the top of the list. 
  • At checkout, if the Checkout transfer folio is selected for the booking, the system will transfer the charges from all folios in the booking whose Recipient is the same as the one in the Checkout folio. Booking folios will NOT be transferred, they must be paid at reception.
  • If you wish to initiate the transfer earlier than the checkout the booking, you can do so from the Advanced Search. Select the bookings for which you wish to execute the transfer and select the Folios->Transfer to checkout folio now function.
  • To simplify the booking handling process, you can use the Without checkout transfer folio filter from the Bookings->Advanced Search screen - thus you will easily find all bookings not having a transfer folio set.   


  • If, after creating a booking, you select the 'Split by Company' or 'Split by Agent' option, the charges will NOT be automatically transferred and you will see a message 'Existing charges will NOT automatically transfer'. However, the option will be taken into account for new charges - for example when changing the stay of the booking. 
  • If there are payments in the Agent/Company folio in the booking, it will not allow a charge transfer. Remove the payments prior to the booking checkout;
  • Only charges from open folios will be transferred;
  • Once left empty, the old folio is voided;
Important: Assigning a transfer folio to reservations requires the user right 'Booking: Checkout with Outstanding folio balance'.

Function 'Transfer to Company/Agent folio'

We have added a tool for better management of booking charges related to Companies/Agents. Through the option, you can easily transfer all charges coming from the rate to a folio of your choosing belonging to a Company/Agent specified in the booking. In contrast to the rest of the transfer options, here the transfer can be made in case of an already existing  booking.

How it works

  • To charge booking services directly in a folio of an Agent/Company, select the option Transfer to Company/Agent folio (3) and indicate the specific transfer folio (4). On the list, all open folios of the Company and/or Agent selected in the booking will be visualised.  For each booking, you  can select one transfer folio. Folios related specific arrivals or early bookings can be created in advance. 

  • You can apply the option for a transfer to multiple bookings at once. To this end, use the Company Booking Charges by Reference Report. Through the report's filters, load the bookings to which you would like to apply the transfer option. After generating the results in the report  through the 'Mass update' (6) button, specify the Transfer folio that will be added to all selected bookings of the list (5). Rate charges (overnight stays and packages) that are in open folios will automatically be transferred to  the selected folio. If necessary, you can stop the process through the 'STOP' (7) button. This way you stop the changes to all bookings that haven't been updated yet.


  • At any time you could select the option and/or change the transfer folio, and the existing charges, if in an open folio, will automatically be transferred to the newly chosen one.
  • Changes related to the transferred charges, e.g. a stay period change, rate, etc., are directly reflected in the transfer folio. All newly arising charges will be created in the transfer folio.
  • If new charges arise or you need to change the existing ones, but the transfer folio is already closed, you receive an error message, as the operation cannot be completed. In this situation, you could select a new transfer folio for the booking where the changes to be reflected or you can remove the transfer option. In this case, the corrections will take place in the booking folio.

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