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The Online Event confirmation app simplifies and speeds up the event confirmation process, making the paper-based communication a thing of the past while letting you entirely switch to the electronic form of confirmation. It allows the organizer to review your offer, sign it digitally and make an online payment (when required) to complete the confirmation process.


Technically, the app does not require any configuration. For the look of the app, we have decided to use the same settings as with the Online Check-in. This way, you will have full visual consistency between the two apps. If you are not using the Online check-in you can set up the appearance from menu Web-> Online Check-In Settings from the navigation sidebar.

The steps of the app are set and not subject to change:

  • Review the offer
  • Sign the offer
  • Complete payment (if needed)

Access to the app

Access to the app can be provided through any Event document you have. You simply need to add the button which will direct the organizer to the confirmation app. Our example templates for the event offer (Banquet Event Order) have the button included by default.

Important: Please make sure you read MICE - Event documents for more information about the types of documents and their creation.

Deposit payment

As mentioned above, one of the major benefits of the Event confirmation app is the settling of required deposit during the process. In order to use utilize this function you need to:

  • have a supported and configured payment processor.
  • have a deposit amount entered in the 'Deposit amount' field in the Event

If a deposit amount is set for this Event, upon signing the document, the client will be redirected to the credit card payment screen to pay the deposit amount. If some amount is already paid, but it is less than the required deposit, only the remaining amount to the full deposit value will be required. When paying, the client can use a card already added to the Event or to the Company, or alternatively, enter the details of a new credit card.


  • To keep you informed of the process, upon the successful completion of each step (signature and/or payment), To-Dos will be created.
  • The Event status is automatically changed to Guaranteed.
  • The signature itself can be seen in the Signature section on the screen of the document in the PMS+.

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