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Modified on: Fri, 23 Sep, 2022 at 12:42 PM


To access Languages and Texts in Clock POS, click 'Management' button and select 'Languages and Texts'. Through the 'New' button, you will be able to add a new Language for your Clock POS account.

The names of your Menu Items on your eMenu are taken from the Charge Template Description / Translation option of the Default Language and if nothing is filled in there, the eMenu will appear empty. The Menu Group Description / Translation option are used for the menu group names on the eMenu.

The Languages and Texts in Clock POS allows you to have your Clock POS Web Booking Engine translated in multiple languages - the WRS Header / Footer / Translation option.

In order for a Language to be available for display in your Clock POS Web Booking Engine, it has to be made 'Public'. This can be done by clicking the 'Make Public' button.

If a Language is selected as 'Default', it will be the Default Language in which Clock POS Web Booking engine is loaded. You can have as many languages added as you like.

The "Printout translations" option allows you to change some of the labels for the Epson printers, so that these changes are applied for users whose user profile language matches the language of these changes. Please contact the support team for more details.

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