How it works

  • When preparing your reply to a guest's booking enquiry with the desired periods of stay, room types and rates, you can include several different products. This way the guest has options to choose from, e.g. refundable and prepaid rates, with or without supper, etc. Also, if you wish, you can fix the prices in your offer, so that they stay the same for the guest, even in the event of changes to the rate. You email your reply to the guest's booking enquiry. After viewing your products and taking a booking decision, the guest can use the "Click here to create your booking" link in your email and make a booking. The offer opens in a browser. Clock PMS makes a few checks and highlights lines of the offer, if they contain:
    • Changed prices. If the price you have offered the guest has meanwhile changed, the system notifies the guest and highlights the line with the change.
    • Please note that when creating your offer, you can fix the price, so that it stays unaffected by changes to the rates.
    • No longer available rooms. If the available rooms have meanwhile been sold or the products have been stopped from sale, the respective lines will be highlighted, and the guest will receive a notification that unfortunately these rooms or products cannot be booked.
  • The guest chooses which rooms from the offer to book and clicks the Next button. Please note that this way the WRS will allow a booking to be made with a rate, which may not have been included in the WRS. In other words, using booking enquiry replies, you can offer your guests special rates, which are not normally shown in your WRS.
  • The system brings the guest to the third page of your WRS with the chosen rooms and guest details shown. Here rooms can be removed or added. The guest chooses a booking guarantee method and finishes the booking process accordingly. Even thus created, the bookings are the same as all of the rest bookings, and guests receive a confirmation email and link to the Self Service Portal.
    • Please note that the guarantee methods are connected to another change we have made to the WRS: "Booking products with different guarantee polices". See the description of this change below.

How it is set up

  • The feature does not need setup. If your WRS is active, the link to it is automatically included in the booking enquiry reply.
  • If you use a custom booking enquiry template, add the link to your template. To create the link, use the "WRS link for booking creation" parameter: . Example: Click Here

Booking Enquiry - link to Web Reservation System Link to WRS in booking enquiry e-mail