The Tables feature forms the backbone of the POS system. Therefore it comes as no surprise that tables are always required by the system when issuing orders and bills.

How to create them

Tables can be created from ‘Management’ - ‘Tables’. On the next screen, all you need to do is enter the tables with their names (can be a text, number). Each of them is to be on a new line. You can also separate them in different groups, if needed.

Tables in Clock POS

Using the above layout, Clock POS will visualize the tables in the following way on the home screen:

Tables in Clock POS

How to edit

Editing the tables is easy and quick. Just make the tables settings (from ‘Management’ - ‘Tables’), and you will be able to just as easily change them at any time.

Custom tables

Alternatively to the above, you can create a custom table for one time usage. It will not be part of the layout. Such a table can be created from the home screen clicking the ‘+New’ button.

Tables in Clock POS

On the next screen, you will need to enter the name of that table and click the ‘Create’ button. Once created, it will appear at the bottom of the home screen under the standard tables.

Tables in Clock POS

You can operate with this table the way you do with the standard ones – placing orders and custom modifiers, closing bills and registering payments. After the table bill settlement, the table will still be present on the home screen. It will disappear with the day closure.