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Block codes

The third and final code you can make use of is the Block code. These codes are tightly connected to the Events/MICE/Group bookings module and the room blocks in it and can be very useful for properties that utilize that module.

The major benefit of using the Block codes is that you can create room blocks for an event or group booking and allow the organizers to create bookings on their own through the WRS using the code and have the bookings allocated automatically to the event/group booking and pick-up a unit from the block.

To enable the functionality you need to do the following:

  • make sure you have enabled the 'Block code' field in the BookDirect settings. More info HERE.
  • create a block in an event and set the following:
    • select a rate that will be attached to the block
    • optionally enter a Manual price - this price will override the price in the selected rate in case the agreed price is specific and not available in any of your rates
    • optionally enter for how many Adults and Children this block is
    • finally, attach a code to the block. You can set your own code (can be alphabetical or numeric) or you can use the 'Generate button' so that the system automatically generates a code (only numeric)

Important: You cannot use the same code for more than one block. This means that if you have a block for a DBL room and a separate block for APT, their codes cannot be the same (e.g. NY22), but should be different (e.g. DBLNY22; APTNY22).

Once all is set, you can provide the code/s to the event/group organizers and have them create the bookings on their own through the WRS and those bookings will be automatically attached to the event and pick-up from the block. On the WRS, they will be offered only the rate attached to the block code they have entered.

Example use cases of block codes:

  • an event with room blocks for which the organizer can book the rooms through the BookDirect.
  • a large group booking for which you have used room blocks to reserve rooms. The organizer can book the rooms through the BookDirect, eliminating the need for constant emails, ever-changing rooming lists, and manual creation of bookings by yourself. 
  • you work with companies or tour operators for which you have strict allotments and have used room blocks to reserve the units. Using block code/s, the company/TO can book rooms from their allotment themselves through the BookDirect.

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