Google Cloud Platform account preparation

You need to have a google account and to access Google Cloud Platform with it;

Important: The free account  cannot be used for the connection as it  doesn't support Streaming insert functionality.

If that is your first time using Google Cloud Platform you will need to complete a couple of additional configurations:

  • Select your country;
  • Accept Google Cloud Platform’s terms and conditions.
  • Agree and continue.

Create Project

1. Create a new project. Give it a name and select to which organisation it belongs as well as the location which it uses.

Create BigQuery Credential file:

Open the Google Cloud Console:

1. At the top-left, click Menu menu->IAM & Admin->Service Accounts.

2. Create new service account

3. Give it a name (ClockPMS is a good example) and description;

4. Click 'Create and continue'.

5. Select the role BigQuery Admin 

Note: If you need to change the role later, you can do that from IAM&Admin->IAM->Edit the principal (service account) and select the new role )

6. Click Continue

7. On the next step just click Done

8. On the screen with a list of service accounts click on the newly created service account and open KEYS tab->ADD KEY->Create new key.

9. Use the default JSON recommended key type and click CREATE.

10. Save the file to a known location.

Activating Clock PMS+ export to BigQuery

1. Open Clock PMS+ menu Settings->All settings->Google BigQuery

2. Upload your BigQuery credential file (1)

3. Select the location (2) - Please note that BigQuery billing depends on the selected location and the best option is to select the same location as the one selected for the project/company

4. Schedule time for the export (3) - At the moment, the export is done once per day at the set time. 

Note: The first execution will be at the scheduled time after midnight. For example, If you specify the execution time to be 10:00 AM at 09:00 PM, the first execution will be at 10:00 AM on the next day.

5. Save

Exported datasets

In the 'DB sources' section enable the tables (datasets) which you would like to be exported to BigQuery. 

Note: The first sync will export all available data and the next ones will export only the newly created records. 

If for some reason you need to rebuild a BigQuery table, select 'Schedule rebuild!' for the respective DB source, which will be done on the next export cycle.

Once the interface is activated you can monitor its execution through Settings->All settings->Google BigQuery->Export tasks.