How to Handle Deposits Through the Deduct Charges Model

Modified on: Sat, 1 Oct, 2022 at 5:33 PM


We will examine how deposits are handled when working with the "Deduct charges" model, what the documents look like, where there is a deposit deduction and what the possible transactions with deposits are.

Deposit Deduction

  • Open the folio in which you want to use the deposit;
  • Click the "Deduct advance payment" button in the "Charges" section;
  • Select a deposit folio if available or search for deposit folios of other bookings or companies;
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer.

As a result:

A negative value charge is created in the receiving folio. The same charge template of the "Pre-Invoiced Deposit" revenue group is used, as with the issuing of the deposit invoice.

When the folio in which the deposit has been used is closed, the system issues a document for the difference that the customer must pay up.

Deposit Deduction Voiding

If you have used the "Deduct Advance Payment" option and have withdrawn the wrong amount from the deposit or have mistaken the deposit folio, you must void this deduction. To do this, simply void the negative charge in the receiving folio. 

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