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4Suites is an addition to a standard door lock that is currently installed. Having 4Suites on top of the existing lock makes it virtual key enabled and our interface allows the guest to open their hotel room door and doors of other hotel areas they should have access to directly from the MyBooking Portal.

4Suites configuration

The 4Suites software has different options which can be used when it is working as a stand-alone app (bookings, rooms etc.). The interface between Clock PMS+ and 4Suites is using ONLY their doors configuration (ID of the Door) and that is the least that has to be configured in 4Suites

  • First, you need to have already created rooms,
  • After room creation, 4Suites automatically creates a DOOR name with ID:
  • To get the ID of the DOOR you need to click the "Edit" button and check the address bar. 

Important: Room ID is different from Door ID. In our case, we need Door ID.

Clock PMS configuration

In order to have the legacy system (Salto for example) interface operational as well as the virtual key interface, we made a very flexible mapping. 

1. You need to have the door codes and common door codes configured for the rooms in Settings -> All Settings-> Rooms and common door codes in Settings->All Settings->Room Key Settings->Common door codes (help list) - Edit. Once the standard codes are filled in you can start the 4Suites configurations.

Important: Even if you will not use the interface to your legacy system, the above configuration should be completed.

2. Open Settings->All Settings->Room Key Settings > 4Suites and fill in your 4Suites email/password to activate the connection.

3. Once the connection to 4Suites is active you need to make the mapping between door codes for the legacy system (filled in with step 1) and the door codes for 4Suites in order to complete the configuration.

On the left side are the door codes from Clock PMS+ that you configured for the rooms. On the right is the DOOR ID`s from 4Suites that you need to fill.

4. There is an option for common doors set up, like GARAGE, POOL, SPA, etc.

First, they need to be set in 4Suites from the "General Doors" section and after that, you can repeat step 3.

Important: Room door codes in Clock PMS must be only numbers, for example, door code 101A is INVALID.

How it works

The interface is issuing the keys automatically at check-in. Straight after the booking was checked-in the virtual keys are accessible in MyBooking Portal.

Later on, if there is a change to the allocated room or the period of the booking the keys will be automatically updated accordingly.

The door key will be automatically disabled at (whichever comes first):

  • Check-out 
  • At the time set as Departure time in the booking
  • Default 'To' time of room key validity configured in Room Key Settings
  • Noon on the departure date - only if there is no Departure time in the booking and Default 'To' time configured.

The automatically issued keys can be tracked in the door key screen for the booking under the Virtual Keys section.

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