Your security has always been leading in our vision for developing modern, stable and robust software. In pace with the highest security standards of the industry, it's been quite some time already since we introduced MFA (Multi Factor Authentication). It's our opinion that the time has come to set the use of MFA as a standard. Here is why we are introducing the use of MFA as required for key sensitive functionalities.

The features that will require you to have enabled MFA for your user are as follows:

  • Full access to credit card details. The use of tokenized cards does not fall in this category. The review of the full credit card number  and the CVV code, however, will require you to have enabled MFA for your user.
  • Creation and edit of users and user groups.
  • Settings of payment providers
  • Change of the account owner's email and the email of the hotel.

We hope that the introduction of the MFA requirement will enhance the security of your accounts.

Learn more about how to activate the MFA access...

Note: The MFA requirement for the above functionalities will become applicable on 8 November 2021. Please enable the MFA access for all owner accounts, as well as for the users having access to the User Administration or to the full credit card details prior to 8 November 2021 to avoid  any disruption in your operations.

An additional recommendation for the security of account owners. Following the best security practices, we would like to advise you to have a separate user account for day-to-day business operations. The use of the owner account should only be for tasks related to the administration of the account and users. In all other cases, you should use a normal user account.