The interface allows you to automatically transfer sales from Clock POS to Marketman in order to keep track of your inventory.


In order to use the interface, the MarketMan integration should be activated for your account. You will need to contact our Support Team as well as to complete the following steps:

  • We use the MarketMan Buyer API V2. The API option should be activated for your Marketman account. Please contact the Marketman support team in order to confirm this. The will also provide you with an API username and password;
  • The Marketman API username and password are added to Clock POS by going to 'Management' - 'Marketman';

The next step is to apply the Marketman inventory item codes to the corresponding menu items in Clock POS. Please go to 'Management' - 'Menu items' and add the code in the 'Inventory code' field for each item.

Note: It is possible to apply the same inventory code for multiple items in Clock POS. For example, if you have multiple Coca-cola products in Clock POS which are managed as one item in Marketman, you can apply the Marketman code for all these individual items in Clock POS. This way, the sales of each item will lower the correct inventory in Marketman.

How does the interface works

The export starts when the Marketman API user is set up in Clock POS and the respective Marketman item codes are entered as inventory codes of the items in Clock POS. 

Every two hours, we send an update for the sales from Clock POS and each new export overrides the previous one. This allows you to keep track of the sales through the day.

At the end of the day when the finance date changes (depending on respective revenue date mode selected in Clock POS), we send the last export for that date which includes the sales for the whole day and overrides the other exports.

Note: Only the menu items (not modifiers) with inventory codes at the time of the sell will be exported to Marketman