The Guest Mailer templates can also be used to replace the default Single and Multiple Booking confirmation messages. They are automatically sent for each single or group booking created in the WRS and will replace the confirmation message     generated on the back end.

Choosing a Single and/or Multiple Booking Confirmation

After creating and testing the templates for the Single and Multiple confirmation templates, please go to 'Other' - 'Settings' -'Guest Mailer' and:

  • Click on the button "Change" in the "Custom Booking Confirmation Templates" section
  • Select the template in field "Custom Booking Confirmation Template" for Single booking confirmation and field "Multiple Booking Confirmation Template" for Multiple booking confirmation.
  • Save.
Note: Selecting a custom single booking confirmation only will also replace the default Multiple booking confirmation - each booking in the group will be shown separately in the multiple confirmation message. In order to use the "table view" (or the more compact view) for the group bookings, please create a multiple booking confirmation template, too.

You can find More info about the template creation can be found Guest Mailer Content article.