Each email template has different content in the different languages. You can fill in the content of emails after their creation.

  • Click the Templates button in the email template list.
  • The upper part of the list contains the various languages – choose the desired language.
  • Fill in the 'E-mail Subject' field.
  • Click 'Edit' on the 'Email Body Template' field and enter the content text of the email. Format the text as per your requirements. Add an image (already posted on the Internet) or links.
Note: Click this button to select from the examples:
  • Parameters. You can add parameters to the 'E-mail Boby Template' field. These can be the details of the respective booking, for which the email is sent. The details can be the guest name or any other booking data and amounts.
  • The parameters have special formatting – surrounded by double curly brackets. The parameters to be used in the Guest Mailer start with a 'booking' prefix, e.g. booking.number is the booking number, and booking.guest_last_name is the last name of a guest.
  • The system substitutes the parameters for the information retrieved from the booking. The content can be edited further by deleting or adding information, or you can send it as it is to the respective recipient.
  • Browse all parameters (placeholders) in the template editor by clicking the "Placeholder menu" button
  • If you have an HTML email template, created by your web designer or generated through another application, you can edit it through the rich text editor:
    • Click the arrow on the 'Edit' button for 'Email Body Template' field. Select 'Edit with Plain Text Editor'
    • Paste your code
  • At the end press on the button 'Save' and so you have filled in the content of your email template.
Note: In order to test the created template, please open a booking, click on the button "New Email" in the "Booking Emails" section, choose the template and click the "Preview" button. In case you have multiple languages, please test it for each one. We recommend that you keep all templates with the Auto Send option set to OFF during the testing period.

Custom Booking Confirmation template

Using the "Templates" button you can load a samples booking confirmation template which can be used as a base of your custom booking confirmation. Once it is ready, it can be tested as any other template in the Guest Mailer.

Custom Multiple Booking Confirmation template

The Multiple Booking Confirmation is created as any other template in the Guest Mailer, but since it is designed to list all bookings from the group in a table view, we have prepared 2 examples that can be used as a base of your custom template.

Important: Since this template is designed to be used for group bookings only please set its Auto send option to OFF

To preview and test the examples please go to 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Guest Mailer' and scroll down to the bottom of the page:

  • Example #1 uses the placeholder containing the default table setup
  • Example #2 provides a breakdown of the table content. It can be used for customizing their order based on your preferences.
Clicking on each example will show its HTML code - please copy it. Open the template and switch to the Plain text editor:


Paste the code and save. If you have more than one language, please paste the example for each, and, if needed, edit the static text in order to match the selected language.

Go to 'Other'- 'Settings' - 'Guest Mailer' and click on the "Change" button for "Multiple Booking Confirmation Template" to select the created template.

Go to menu "Booking' - 'Advanced search' and use the tools to find at least 2 bookings. Click on the line for each booking in order to mark it (it will get coloured in green), click on the "Confirmation" button and chose the language:

The multiple booking confirmation template will be loaded based on the data from the selected bookings.

If the template needs updates, you should switch from the multiple booking template to the standard one in order to avoid sending the template to your guests.